Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Should triathletes beef up?

Are you a triathlete carnivore in hiding?

Time to get out the steak knives and dig into a bloody steak.

Yesterday I ate a filet steak. Nothing unusual you may think. But for someone who eats less and less meat these days but is NOT a vegetarian, steak is usually off my menu.

Perhaps down to price, convenience and also my diet is pretty raw with more vegetables than bugs bunny could handle!

But my buddy Kharis is always tweeting about the Las Vacas MEAT shop/restaurant in town. There are two outlets and one of them is now within walking distance from his new office. VERY dangerous on two counts: the pocket (he has a weakness for Wagu) and on the waistline!
My bloody lunch sitting in the chiller
But this got me thinking. I know beef is good for athletes. Well lean cuts not the fatty stuff :) So I thought why not meet the ‘Butcher’ and and listen to what he has to say about his product and outline exactly HOW good lean beef is for you. READ MORE...

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