Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Beyond Transition

Beyond Transition (formerly Go-triathlete) is a new website (Launch Date Jan 2011) that aims to give a unique service to triathletes around the world. A place where you can visit and find out about global races on one site rather than hop-scotching across various dead-ends.

BT will serve to answer all your race needs, from the simple stuff as how much, where and when, to what is the goodie bag like, what's the bike course? Where can I stay, where's the best place to eat, carbo loading, awards, race nutrition, the list goes on and on and on.

Why are they doing this? Becasue there isn't anything like it out there. It's a monumental mountain to scale and data capturing of all these races is a headache waiting to explode! So BT are taking baby steps and it will be a while before we are up and running at full speed so please be patient :)

Whilst all the data capturing is going on the BT blog will be live and ready for you to check out within the next week. The blog will keep you updated of what's going on, how is progressing as well as giving some awesome contents to read over your morning coffee.

Motivation should not be a problem when you drop by, BT aims to inspire and turn the "I cant's" into "I can's". BT has some super stuff to unleash on the world but they are trying to apply the 'pacing' theory for the moment :)

Next year BT will be regularly on the ground at selected races around the world. So watch this space, or even simplier pop over to this space :

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Brother Comes to Malaysia

Well sort of. I have had enough of living in a condo and also had enough of the rental price hikes. I needed to cut back on my outgoings and the easiest place to do this was to move into a house.

Trouble is I have always been a little wary to stay in a house alone. No security, blah, blah, blah. So I mentioned this to Lydia a few months back when out on a run, that I was thinking of moving and would like to stay in a house. She said yeah me too! There is a third party. Disco Dave. So I ran the idea by him and as if by chance our leases were expiring within a month of each other.

Now I have not shared a home (not counting when I was married) since my student days. And that didn't last long - the sharing I mean!! So Lydia has been a star and found the perfect house while I was away slogging it in Kona, Napa and Maui. I viewed the house for the first time last week. I can not believe how relaxed I have been about the whole process, virtually horizontal I would say, but then I am supposed to still be resting! 

When I was away I also realized that on our moving date, December 1st - I would not be in the country. I am off to Phuket to cover the LPT and IM 70.3 Asian World Champ's. Whoops! A quick mail to Dave and Lydia to the effect of. "Guys, if I pack everything up nicely and leave the keys with you, do you think you could let the movers in to shift the stuff to the new place on December 1st?"

Oh it's good to have friends. Now they probably said something to the effect of "Blooming Cheeky B****" but their reply was, "of course we can." Wonderful, wiggled out of that one didn't I ;-) But I will play chef to show my appreciation when I get back - now you know I am a GREAT cook!

This will be my third move in just under 3years. I plan on traveling rather a lot next year if all goes well. So no point throwing money down the drown at a place you are never in. 

Now lets rewind to my comment about "Now I have not shared a home (not counting when I was married) since my student days. And that didn't last long...!!" Reason being, I couldn't get along with my roomies at all and just had to move out before I went cuckoo. 

Since then and these days I believe I am much more relaxed about life. I certainly have less stress in my life. And while there are a whole lot of opportunities that keep coming along, I do not have to do them all. I am learning to say the words, "No thank you. I am too busy." Mind you, I haven't used them yet!

So it's going to be a little like big brother I feel. We have even spoken about hidden cameras!! Hey! If someone offered money I'm in, are you?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A time & A Place for Everything

There are lots of people including myself who want to extend their lifestyle of triathlon into their workplace. It’s about enjoying what you do so that word work is actually irrelevant, as it doesn’t seem like work.

I like writing stuff. I love meeting people. I get paid for this. Don’t tell anyone but I would actually do this for free. But then again I have bills to pay so need a little money!

So, back to Trix-Gear. My friend Paul who raced Kona this year and his lovely wife Celeste are the people behind this funky label of casual tri apparel. He threw me some free T’s and asked if I would not mind modelling them, of course not I said, my pleasure. Although I was and am still a slighter rounder version of my racing self they fit well, and when I say fit I mean as in a chick fit – not big and baggy :)
I love the pink PaperDoll one and also the aero T that was featured recently in what 'we have noticed' on slowtwitch. And for a snug sexier look the ‘Triathlete” vest is a nice look. I have a little story about that, here we go…
So I am in Kona and have got my special VIP pass for the awards. I have absolutely nothing to wear. Now I know chicks always say this as an excuse to shop, but when my MALE roomies look at me with the “your not gonna go out in that are you” look, I honestly had nothing to wear!

So I put on the trademark skirt and paired it with the Trix vest. Looked pretty cute and we were going to the K-Swiss party after so, sexy casual-ish! But this look still got a sigh. Yeah it will do, its fine!
It's not me modelling, sorry to disappoint you!!
So we are walking down to the awards, and we get to one of those ABC (711 type) stores and he pops in to pick up bevy. Next door there is this really cute clothing store. He mentions that they have some cool stuff, so I took that as a blatant hint.

Shall I go get something then? Yeah sure! He says. So I go in, straight to the tops, pick the first thing I see, try it on, keep it on, go to counter, pay, get the guy to cut the label and just as this happens the roomie walks in and says “I didn’t mean it”!!! Yeah right.

Anyway, the top stayed and I am sorry Trix, your top didn’t get to be paraded at the awards, but you know, there is a time and a place for everything I guess and that this was a time to be subtle and girly!!!