Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Blame Zombieland

Breathing Pains

I stopped taking my asthma medication some time ago...I still cough on the bike and the run until I am well and truly (read:1-2hours in) warmed up, but swimming is where it was really bad. Funny though...these days I have it under control (for the most part). I put in my 5k swim on was completed on the end of a tiring day but was pretty solid. On waking the next day I felt like I had been whacked across the back with a plank of wood. After my long swim on Monday something was amiss. Hurt to breath. Hurt to move. Hurt to drive. Basically I was rather concerned.
Tuesday morning my interval run was a no no. I was wincing with pain just getting out of bed and sitting in a chair. Doing fast intervals was not a good idea. Try the bike I thought. A little spin. 30minutes and as soon as the heart rate rose it was like being stabbed in the chest :(
Ok, now lets try and jog under the pain, I thought. Lets just say the very very short jog bought tears of frustration to my eyes. Wondering what to do...I have forgotten when I was last out of action. And I am not injured just damn sore. If I pull a calf muscle I get on with it. The chest however is more disabling than you realise.
I needed to do something. So I had an prepare yourselves because this may sound rather insane to some, but believe me I had to do it for my own sanity.
I live on the 20th floor behind TBB. I needed to work my legs. So I walked up and down the stairwell for an hour. I say walk, because I had to keep the heart rate as low as I could. Heavy breathing was way too painful. So while not too much cardio strain...boy oh boy did the legs have fun. I did 8sets in just under one hour that's 6400steps:)
This morning I gave the turbo another whirl and managed to do a 2hr15min session. Still painful but getting better I could at least stand the pain enough to breathe deeply. I will try and swim later before I fly and hopefully by the time my holiday starts I will be ready to put my new wetsuit on and go swim with the if anything will make Emma swim faster that surely will!
Happy Holidays to one and ALL, eat, drink, whatever makes you HAPPY and have FUN :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Madness & TriKidz Weekend

Thanks Nik for these snaps...I will post some more FUN ones of the day as they come though.
Getting ready to go on holiday to me means having to do even more work so that when you are away you can at least 'leave' the work alone. So the work doesn't get less. You just choose to minimise the mountain on your return by getting a head start before you go.
So with work being at a rather all-time high and then getting ready for TriKidz and then again fitting training in, the last week and weekend was complete madness. It was an act of juggling more than the two balls I can comfortably handle and so there were a couple of instances when I dropped the extra ball.
In the pursuit of fitting it all in with regards to training I dealt with emotional tears, frustration, fatigue, drunk drivers, dead arms, sore everything etc. TriKidz however was a much needed ray of sunshine amidst a dark lonely week. Despite how low and energy zapped I get, somehow I am able to raise my game and smile when surrounded by is like having a constant source of energy gels when with passionate triathlon people.
This was the first time I have been a part of TriKidz, as a sponsor from TBB and as a 'Coach'.
They (I bet it was Steph) elected to put me in the pool for the clinic on Saturday. HA! But laughter aside - it was HUGE fun...I am not sure the adults are supposed to have that much fun...isn't supposed to be about the kids??
Anyway..I didn't witness any real tears or tantrums. The kids in the pool all left the pool still breathing and even had beaming smiles on their faces.
It is a wonderful thing TriKidz (Steph, Azwar and Masjita) are doing and with huge support from other volunteers and help. Glad I didn't miss this one. And despite doing my Sunday run at 11:15am after the race yesterday - (I ran the 70.3 Putrajaya loop) I had all intentions of doing my swim later on. It's kind of difficult to execute though when your eyes will not open and body says ENOUGH already...let me REST.
I listened yesterday afternoon...I rested...I ate like a PIG and I started again today with a 5k swim. Two more days of mayhem before I board that plane for some FUN in the sun.
Wetsuit purchased today, you have been warned...there will be silly pictures :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Been a while since I looked at Squirrels pictures. Just thought I would check out the Busso shots. LOVE, LOVE Randys compression it baby :)
I also found this piccie of me from Powerman...what to say...I have a long tongue?

Thought Provoking

Just yesterday I was writing an email to a friend and expressing how communication across the miles is today so easy and affordable. We can still write letters...but the mail man is still unreliable (I have lost count of the amount of birthday and Christmas cards that failed to land in my mailbox - maybe mum really didn't send one?) But we have email, Skype, text messages, cheap phone calls...we can see and hear those who are far far away. I am trying to ensure my parents are hooked up for a Skype Christmas call on the 25th. It is nearly 3years since I saw them last. They are not very tech savvy but hopefully my brother will sort them out.
So back to my story. My Grandfather, (on mums side) like many other Grandparents of my generation was in the war. World war II that is. I was extremely close to Nan and Grandad and devastated when they passed. Sometime ago when I was back in the UK, mum was going through some of my late Nan's things. Amongst her personal bits and bobs we found many photographs. I love photography, used to do quite a bit. I love black and white and sepia photos. There where quite a few shots of my Grandad in full army regalia amongst the collection. These pictures are postcard shots that the soldiers would pay for, they would then write down a message to their sweetheart on the back and send it home. Grandad was stationed in Palestine. So most of his pictures showed him in Dessert uniform, shorts and knee high socks. He loved the sun my Grandad, and always had a cigarette in his hand! Two things my mum inherited from him, :)
I read some of the messages on those postacrds. It felt kind of weird, with them both being gone. But the war and history fascinates me. I wish I had paid more attention at school and I wish I had the guts to speak to Grandad about the war when he was alive. Then again, a lot of war hero's never really wanted to talk about 'those' days.
My Grandparents were married for over 50years. Reading those letters bought tears to my eyes. We take so much for granted today, so much, it is unbelievable. Wars are still being fought, we are reminded of this fact every day. We are bombarded with imagery...but nothing speaks quite as powerfully as those images in the days of a simple box brownie camera and film.
This article on the Daily mail features photographs from World War I taken by Christina Broom, Britain's first female press photographer. There is something about black and white and the period these were taken; innocence, modesty, vulnerability, seriousness, camaraderie and spirit. Looking at some of the dates, these pictures were taken almost exactly 95years ago. Most of the men you see never made it home for Christmas 1915, or any other Christmas for that matter.
Technology is a wonderful thing that lets us learn and 'see' these forgotton moments in time. This Christmas like many Christmas's before and most probably to come there is war and there is fighting. It is a sad but true fact. It was happening 95years ago. It is happening today. The only difference for those soldiers out there today will enable them to speak to their loved ones and see their loved ones this Holiday season.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ocean Road

So I am off to Melbourne next week for Christmas training. A few people have asked me if I am going to ride the great Ocean Road. Ocean Road? What's so special about that I ask. OMG...they say...the scenery, it's awesome. So I did a little Google search and found a piccie.
I likey. I am excited. Me and George gonna have some FUN FUN FUN :)
So watch out Oz, the Pommie Chick is gonna tear up your 'Great Ocean Road'!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So about the 10minutes. I was told I have at least 10minutes to save in the swim. Over an IM distance what the hell is 10minutes??? Out the other night for my Sunday movie fest with Bee I was telling her about the new swimming (trying to encourage her to join me for a session or two) and then I mentioned the 10minutes. The penny the dropped. The light bulb exploded. Fireworks went off. I saw the light. I finally understood.
I lost my Kona place this year by just under 10minutes. I lost a couple of overall winner Olympic Distance races this year by less than 10minutes. I lost overall amateur female in Singapore and Philippines 70.3 by yup, you guessed it...less than 10minutes.
It's not the bike. It's not the run. Any race I have lost, I lost it in that swim. 10Minutes in the great scheme of things is A LOT.
And hereof endth the lesson of 10minutes to myself :)

Yes. You CAN

After a decidedly nasty smash fest of legs on my turbo session last night I was going to make a quick exit home to recoup. (Read: shower and eat). One of our friends however was in the store and we got chatting. He has signed up for IM MY in February. And like many people it will be his first Ironman. This guy has completed Ultra's which blows my mind, but still those words 'Ironman' seem to spark fear into some.
Last year I had a countdown timer to Race day. I let it consume my life. This year I don't have time to let training consume my life. There is too much other stuff going on and lets face it - it was not really healthy (mentally speaking). So this year I am just doing the training...the goal is still there, the hunger as big as ever but I am not thinking too much about is a big thing...but also it is not.
Having said that though it is hard not to notice everyone else counting down the days. Reminding themselves that the clock is ticking. Will I be ready? Can I finish? Will I cramp up? Words that my friend was using: 'if' and 'can't'. Now IF there is any advice I would give at all it would be just omit the word 'can't' from your vocabulary and stop saying 'if'.
Getting your head around completing an IM is mental. Once your head accepts the challenge it then just needs to tell the body what to do. Your body is merely a vehicle. It has no thoughts, it is just muscle and tissue. Some have more than others. That is why some people go faster and others go slower. BUT. An IM is NOT an insurmountable challenge it is something we can all do. You just need to approach it with the right frame of mind and make sure you do the work so the body is ready.
I used to be a very negative person. Always hiding and never thinking I could do certain things. Positive thinking is powerful. So anything could happen on the day - so what? Race day is about being mentally and physically prepared and in order to do that you need to start believing in yourself today. We all believe in you but that is not what is needed. YOU need to believe in YOU. Once you get that, the rest is all plain sailing with only slightly a little pain thrown in for pleasure ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Was SO Wrong

It's been one week since LPT (Thanks for this picture Jamie - LOVE it). I Beat myself up over my effort for probably 2days too many. Experiencing yet another huge low coming down from a great race weekend and event, if that wasn't enough for me to get my noggin round on Sunday afternoon last week I contacted coach and asked what next?I gave him my account of the race. And then said right so up everything yes? He replied back NO. Firstly my race...The run is a sprint, if you have more in you then you have to go. I have to push. Reading that just made me madder and confirmed what I already knew. I wasn't running 42k's, I was running 12. Anyway. That's done, dusted and forgotten.
Next came the instructions...SWIM.
What I read before me on the email blew my mind. Distances that I have not swam before were there before me in black and white. Everything else...cut down to Olympic distance for the month.
So on Monday I thought right lets swim. Nah it wasn't going to happen. I did swim but my mind was still not in control of my body. The other boss (the one who signs the cheques) said I have seen your swim. If you want to go to Kona you have 10minutes to save there. But I am sure Brett didn't mean go and swim 5k TODAY! Ok OK point taken.
Tuesday morning before flying home I went in the sea and swam 30minutes. The intention was 60mins. But the sea lice got the better of me. I could not take it anymore. The itching has almost stopped now but my combination of white chest and bright red spots ain't pretty.
Wednesday morning I elected to do the long swim rather than the brick bike/run. Being so long in the water is difficult to squeeze in in the afternoon. I swam, did my 5k and froze. I did it but it was not pleasant. It will get easier I told myself. I need a wetsuit, I also told myself.
Email to coach. Can I reshuffle a couple of days. I am cold. Need a wettie. Moan, Moan Moan.
Haven't you got a decent size pool around there somewhere he says. Well there is. Bukit Utama 50m pool. So that was the venue for Friday swim. Let me know the temp he says.
Met Disco, he joined. And we started a little later as it was a holiday. Well what do you know. The pool was bearable :) RESULT! Reported back and was then instructed to use that for 3 of the big swims.
Saturday. Rode alone to KLIA downtown a little bit longer than Olympic Distance but what the hey. The afternoon swim session I wanted to start at 3pm when it was very hot but the method in my madness is the pool is clear at that time of day. It was like waiting to be sentenced, waiting for 3pm to roll round. I was very sleepy and wanted so much to stay put lounging on the sofa but somehow I put my trisuit on (sun protection) and found myself in the lift going to the 30m pool at home. Damn it was hot.
For the first time I weighed myself before my swim. I always do it before a ride or run but this is the first time I have done it before swimming. I lost 1kg during the swim! We kid ourselves that swimming is cooling and not as tough on the body. That is absolute Horse Poop. My arms want to fall off. I am even more hungry now than before and the weight is almost falling off! When you have finished a HARD swim...I find half an hour or so later I will be sweating and very thirsty. This is a delayed reaction from the effort you have just put in. So don't ignore it. Refuel and DRINK.
OK..upstairs, quick shower, drink and a gel and off for my interval run. Shouldn't be so bad I thought...even though I had swam over 3 x the distance I normally do on a Saturday afternoon. So once again...I am beginning to understand WHY I am on OD training for the run and bike. This swimming lark takes it out of you BIG time. And the words...'that is how you over train' were what I heard when I questioned about why we are not upping everything else.
SO, perhaps the biggest change to my week happened today. It's not that the training is Topsy is just new and I now understand that this is how it is going to be. We are just building it up but this I believe will be the new regime. (HA-I may be wrong though)
Sunday runs at Bukit Aman...hurt but are enjoyable. As I have blogged is great to see everyone out on the road. I asked the power that be if I could do a 2hour run (instead of 90min) (because I am worrying about it), followed straight away by my long swim so I can have the rest of the day at leisure. I asked If this was silly.
Reply: SILLY yes. regarding the two hours and swimming after the run.
Swim first then eat a snack then run.
So that is what I did...the good thing? I did not have to get up until 6:45am. In the pool at 7:30am it was just perfect as there was no rain. It hurt - but it should I have just swam long 3 days back to back...but I feel I have finally got my head around this and even though I am going slow towards the end the form is staying intact...that's good right??
So swim done...upstairs shower and snack of flapjack, banana and drink. Runners? check. Shades? check. Money? check. Gels? check. Out the door I went at a little after 9:30am.
I had just started and saw Peter Chan...well, well it seems there are more than one silly person electing to run so late in the morning :) Had a quick chat and then on my way.
I enjoyed my run. I had already dialed in to run alone had I been in Bukit Aman. Just something I felt I wanted to do this weekend. As it is...I think my Bukit Aman days are now numbered until this whole IM thing is done. I have a sneaky suspicion I am being built up to do the long swim followed by a 3hour run in the near future. Doing that in the heat is gonna be tough but if today was anything to go by it is nothing I cannot handle. Stopped briefly for a gel and bottle of water at 30mins and 60mins and had a good pace of maybe sub5min K's. That's it now until tomorrow morning when I will get wet again and then turbo later in the day.
The head is finally clearing and telling the body to just do it now. It is in a good place. I only hope my arms will last. Running after a long swim the swinging arm movement needs to be kept to a minimum..too painful otherwise. Same with the cadence. Short fast turn over...legs and arms.
10minutes doesn't seem like much to save in the great scheme of things. And I know I shall never be a fish in the water. But I have vowed to do what it takes and do as I am told. I am telling myself to have faith and patience. Trying not to worry about the run and bike training when every one else is riding PD and running long is not easy to handle, which is probably why it is a good thing for the moment at least to go it alone.
Finally...what do I think about when swimming so long and running with no one to chat to? Pretty simple. FOOD. In the swim it was which gels to take with me on the run and what snack can I have before running. On the run I was deciding which very late breakfast I would indulge in. Huge pile of scrambled eggs wholegrain toast and diced ham OR Pile of muesli fruits protein yogurt and whole grain toast. FYI: the eggs won...I will have the fruit later:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Volunteers Please

If you have some free time this Dec 19th and 20th, help support a GREAT cause and volunteer your services for the year end TriKidz clinic and triathlon. It's nothing don't need to be an athlete or triathlete even! We just need some help from adult supervision to help guide and encourage and ensure the kids are safe when in the water, on the bike and run!!
Saturday 19th: Volunteers required for the Kidz Clinic
Sunday 20th: Volunteers required for Kids Age Group Races
Location: Putrajaya Swimming Pool Complex
Time: 7:30am - 1pm (both days)

'This is a 2-day event, the first day (Saturday) will be our Triathlon Clinic whereby our triathlon coaches will be teaching the kids everything they need to know about triathlon especially the proper techniques, training, nutrition and race tactics. Then on the second day (Sunday) will be the TriKidz Triathlon Race where everything that was taught on Saturday will be applied in a real triathlon race. By the end of this weekend your child will have the right to brag about being a TRIATHLETE, which is no easy task,' - TriKidz.
So what are you waiting's gonna be a fun weekend, contact us and help support the next generations of triathletes!!!
Any time you can offer will be most appreciated. If you would like to volunteer please leave a comment or contact Me (Emma, directly).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some Snaps from the Awards

Thanks to Bliss and Minsok for the pictures :) Gonna miss you guys :(
And finally, Me, not looking particularly 'FUN SIZE' - HA!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Race Report: Phuket

Well, that's the last race of the year done and dusted. Did I get the result I wanted? NO. Did I improve on last year? A TAD. Am I annoyed? At the wheel suckers...YES! At me? No, not really...feeling a little flat at the moment but I am taking A LOT of positives from this morning. It was very hot out there I am told. Look at the blue sky! Weird thing is...did not feel the heat at all!!! COOL...literally and physically:)
Here we go...
I arrived on Wednesday evening and this is the first race I have officially worked AND raced. It's not that easy. You don't get to chill out when you want, you stand on your feet all day and eating is something you do when time allows and you grab what the hell you can.
Having said that. I simply LOVE being around other triathletes. Talking and chatting about the sport and what we at TBB do comes easily...I love it. The only time it gets hard is when the crowds subside and then my energy levels start to lag. I feed off other peoples energy...I am an energy VAMPIRE!!
Another plus about working is I really do not have time to fret about the race. Each race this year I have managed to remain calm and relaxed (most of the time) and this weekend was proof that I am finally getting a grip on it. Nerves came this morning on cue as I see all the other almost 800 athletes waiting to run into the water.
It was very blustery this morning and the past few days I have experienced some nightmare headwinds on the bike. So windy this morning I didn't dip in the sea before hand. And am very glad I didn't, some people that did I saw them hopping around trying to stay warm. So in my books that was a VERY good call.
I am slowly getting my head around this swimming lark. Today I was swimming WITH people. In the past I have done my utmost to find 'empty' water so I can swim alone and not risk getting hit. While it was still slow, I am proud of the fact that I was looking to swim with people and on their feet. This is what I need to do in races and I am finally getting the confidence after almost two years, to do it. I can go faster, because I know I swim faster in training..but in race conditions for me this is a huge breakthrough. I am still scared...but not as much :)
Came out the sea with Bliss and we headed into the pond for the final 680metres. Sun is directly in your eyes swimming this section but once again I just kept looking to swim with or on someone. Came out with Bliss, smacked her bum and into transition.
Transition: My bike was next to Bliss's...I threw my gear on while she wiped her face!!! She then smacked me on the bum...tally HO!
Here we go head down big gear. On your right, on your right, on your right...I will be saying those words in my sleep tonight!! Got to the hills and carried on passing all sorts. Feeling very strong. Legs feeling VERY good. No Lactic?? No Pain?? Of course heart was popping out up the hills but then its back to normal.
Now I did a very SILLY thing today that may have lost me a minute or two. Very embarrassed to admit this..but it is my blog and honesty is the policy here. I forgot about the 3rd hill. A steep but short little baby. At the time I got upon it I was in big chain BIG gear. So when I went to drop the chain...of course it wouldn't go down. PANIC!!! There was no way on God's earth I could have grinded up that hill in the big chain #11. I made the snap decision to dismount and RUN. Go back down and start again would take too long and be dangerous. So I 'sprinted' in shoes about 50meters got back on and then had to re-overtake all the buggers who had just gone by me!!
No biggie...just rather embarrassed about the whole thing and that incident lost me my sub 1:40 split!!! Grrrrr.
Flying along, nasty headwinds and having to really push at times. The weird thing is even though it was hard work, my legs were not complaining. I was passing quite a few people and thought to myself - 'I bet they are right behind me, this is so slow' but when I looked...there was no ONE in sight...COOL. I am STRONG :)
The only thing that got me peeved on the bike was the 2 tour-de-France sized Pelotons I saw whizzing back on the highway after the U-turn. I was just approaching the U-turn so was catching the girls who were tucked away inside there having a FREE 'insert expletive' RIDE.
Took a couple of gels on the bike...if I had more I would have had them too. Not that I needed them but I had a delivery of GU mint choc gel and they are GORGEOUS!!!
Time: 1:40
T2 -another panic...where was my slot??? running up and down looking for my rack I found it and 'threw' George on, only for the whole bloody thing to come crashing down!!! HELP. Thank you to whoever was spectating and standing behind, that erected the thing again. I lost serious time here too...Grrrr.
Out on the run, still shaking my head in disbelief at the bike rack crashing down. Again...very weird. I felt GOOD. I felt I was running at a good click but I had NO PAIN what-so-ever in my legs?? Breathing was under control. So now I am asking myself...push harder??? What do I do?? Once my feet got soaked and running on the grass the movement caused a lot of discomfort. It got worse but I kept telling myself you can handle it all the while you keep going. Deal with the feet when you stop. I really dislike running on the grass and trails. As soon as I hit the asphalt I felt the pace quicken. ON the second loop I was still in a comfortable zone. I was overtaking people...good looking people. Should I have pushed harder?
Finished in 3:17, just over a minute quicker than last year. I got 3rd in my age group and the 3rd quickest AG female bike split - but it was an HONEST split!
Physically I feel I could go do it all over again. Feel very fresh and raring to go. Boss tells me it was a training race. My race is in February. Yes it is.
I know short distance is NOT my thing...but I still want to WIN. Put me in a ballroom dancing competition and I will want to doesn't matter what it is and if I am any good at the sport...I JUST want to WIN!!! Okay, so you get the message.
But, we can't win them all and I am happy with my work for today. I am pleased with the 'confidence' progress on the swim, pleased with the comfort and power on the bike and very pleased to run so comfortably that I felt I could have just kept on going for another 30k.
Next Sunday I will be doing my first of 8, 3hour runs in the buildup to IM MY. The real work starts when I get home on Tuesday...still awaiting instruction as to exactly when!!

But will be a celebration. I am going to drink beer and dance and wear my NEW T-shirt that I have been saving for this night...the phrase on it says it will have to wait for the pictures to see for yourself :)
And if I happen to NOT have a hangover tomorrow morning...I will train. Why? Because training is my lifestyle and racing strong and healthy is my little reward:)
HUGE HUGE thanks to my 'boys' Daniel and Xion Chen for their awesome mechanical support this weekend. Thanks also to Alex and Erin for their support on the course and to Jens who sadly couldn't race but snapped these pictures and emailed me so quickly:)
Well done to everyone who raced today and a special WELL DONE to Mattie from teamTBB. He came in 2nd. Christmas has come early to Mattie and his girl Joyette...well deserved...awesome job!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Race Report: Miri

Finally, a little late. Okay, lets see if I can this short-ish.
Going into Miri my confidence was pretty low. I had a really bad day Wednesday, the body was not great and I was struggling to give half decent efforts on whatever discipline I tried. I then started asking lots of questions of myself. I knew it was normal...but have not been hit by such a downer in a while and I ended up getting emotional, angry with myself and basically just shut down from the world.
Thursday I did a swim and spin...more of the same. Never mind, my attitude was slightly better and I still had to run that night. By the time the evening rolled round I got in a short run but absolutely FLEW. Where the hell did that come from. Finished the day with a BIG smile on my face.
Friday off to Miri. Nasty early start. But good to get there early. I did nothing Friday, that was my plan. Even though it is a training race I am not THAT stupid and am sensible enough to know a little preparation is required. Spent the day working on a presentation for Laguna Phuket Triathlon Expo and built George.
Saturday...Swim/Bike/Run...all touch up stuff. Brake cable of George was buggered but was able to salvage it with Wong's help. It only had to last 40k's I thought (crossing my fingers). Actually there where quite a few problems with George. And not to long ago I would have been freaking out big time. Minor race or biggie - I would be going mental. What a difference a year or so makes. I am almost a nice person to be around prior to races these days.
Made a pact with Disco to draft him in the swim. You let me do that and you can sit on my tail (actually no, I said work together) on the bike.
Race DAY:
After a superb nights sleep on Friday I sadly didn't sleep as peacefully on Saturday evening. Alarm went at 05:40 and Bee and myself rallied ourselves and went down to breakfast. Now how that girl can eat so much prior to a race is beyond me. I had banana, muesli with spoon of yogurt. No milo, no condensed milk. Just my own brand of coffee. (trying to give up the condensed milk).
I didn't carbo load much the night before either. I look at the race and the amount of time I am going to be exercising (or estimate) and that tells me what I should and shouldn't (more accuratly) eat.
Swim: Still feeling or trying to stay calm. I have NEVER tried to draft in the swim before. Dave waited for me and the gun went off and so did Disco. I tried to keep up but just couldn't weave through the flailing arms and legs. I was however CALM. Very surprising. A little into the swim I saw someone I thought was Keat Soong. On seeing a tatoo as an arm came over confirmed this. RIGHT O, lets swim with him. And so we both exchanged places and swam together to the end. On exiting the water I felt a hand push my back (carpets were rather dangerously floating about) I turned to see KS helping me out. Thanks for that. time 29min - not great but at least I didn't panic.
Transition: Disco in front running to transition, KS behind me. RightO guys I yelled...together on the bike!
Bike: Disco and KS were out a little before, I came soon after caught up with Disco and said we stick together. Caught KS. "Hop on lets work together" I yelled. And then it was head down, BIG gear and OFF. No looking back.
My bike legs have been letting me down lately. Today they were on fire. Lactic fire...but nothing I couldn't handle. Breathing was under control. And so we started picking up other riders...occasionally I would put my head down to check Disco was still there. Yup sucking like a trooper :) All going to plan. At about 20mins in, a sizable peloton was building I pondered whether to come off the front. The idea was to share the workload so I beckoned a rider past. Expecting Disco to come up and take the front how surprised was I to see a different expat. Oh well I got behind him not wanting to loose my space at the front and the pace continued. A minute or so later he pulled out, I came alongside and looked at him questionably. "Is that it?" I asked. "YUP" was his reply. And so the ride continued picking up Don Khor, Jap Sam amongst others. I never knew the size of the group. And occasionally the lactic legs had a rest for a min or two when the other guy jumped on the front. Other than that it was MY BIKE and I was loving it.

The final hill is where I knew I would be taken. I dropped the gear and prepared to take the hill 'easy' to rest my legs a little. And then WHOOSH!!! every man and his dog went flying past. No clue how many. But I did have enough energy and breath to yell out "Come on guys, gimme a B******d's!!! You F******!!! Funny though...not even that slowed them down. Never mind I caught them up again :P Time:57min.
Into transition and out onto the run with Disco, KS and basically every other bugger!!
As we went out I had another swear at Dave and joked with him about why he didn't share the work on the bike. His response? "I thought about it, and then thought...Nahhh"!!!
I knew I was in 2nd overall. 1st place, Radika an ITU pro and Powerman champ was long gone. So I wanted to continue to really enjoy the race and not kill the run. Dave similarly was happy to run with me so we ran together and chatted just like any other Sunday...except it was a bit warmer and MUCH MORE FUN!
Coming into the finish with about 200m to go I looked at my watch for the first time. Expecting to see around 2hr15 how shocked was I to see 2:05. I also heard a heavy patter of feet behind me. I had dropped Disco (only a very little) a while back. I always knew he was behind me or thereabouts and now he was trying to give chase!!! RIGHT! I turned around and shouted don't you even think about it. I couldn't stop laughing but somehow managed to put a spurt on and with a HUGE smile I am pleased to say, crossed the line in 2:06 and change. Last year 2:24.
I then rushed upstairs put my socks on and went back down to run the course again back to front with Disco. Did not realise quite at the time how smashed he was. (he did run Penang Marathon the week before). But like a trooper we ran again...confusing the Marshall's along the way and yelling out support to everyone we saw.
It was great, loved it. Thanks everyone for such a cool time. Miri is a super little triathlon that is a great excuse to get away for the weekend with friends and enjoy this wonderful lifestyle that we call triathlon. If you haven't experienced Miri before then mark your calender for November next year...I for one will be going back.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day

I am totally ignorant of whats going on in the world some days - actually a lot of days. Just never seems to be enough hours in the day. Luckily my friends keep me up to speed with what is happening. Today is World Aids Day. Freddie Mercury - gotta love him - a timeless act, I never tire of his music.
Thanks TSB :)

Your Age By Chocolate Math

This is WAY COOOOOL....thanks Cheong :)
Don't tell me your age; you'd probably lie anyway-but the Hershey Man will know! This is pretty neat.
It takes less than a minute.
Work this out as you read.
Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.
1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than 10)
2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold)
3. Add 5
4. Multiply it by 50 -- I'll wait while you get the calculator
5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1759...If you haven't, add 1758.
6.. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.
You should have a three digit number
The first digit of this was your original number (i.e., how many times you want to have chocolate each week).
The next two numbers are YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)
Chocolate Calculator. : )