Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So about the 10minutes. I was told I have at least 10minutes to save in the swim. Over an IM distance what the hell is 10minutes??? Out the other night for my Sunday movie fest with Bee I was telling her about the new swimming (trying to encourage her to join me for a session or two) and then I mentioned the 10minutes. The penny the dropped. The light bulb exploded. Fireworks went off. I saw the light. I finally understood.
I lost my Kona place this year by just under 10minutes. I lost a couple of overall winner Olympic Distance races this year by less than 10minutes. I lost overall amateur female in Singapore and Philippines 70.3 by yup, you guessed it...less than 10minutes.
It's not the bike. It's not the run. Any race I have lost, I lost it in that swim. 10Minutes in the great scheme of things is A LOT.
And hereof endth the lesson of 10minutes to myself :)


the Wongstar said...

you and me both! I lose prize money in that goddamn swim. 10-20mins. or in the case of IM China this year, 30+ mins!!! They say the swim doesn't matter so much. it does for us!!!

Jense said...

Two words of german triathlon wisdom, roughly translated:
1) You cannot win a triathlon in the swim - but you can well loose it there.
2) You swim for the glory, ride for honour and run for the money.

Fancy some glory? I do :)

Jaime Menendez de Luarca said...

2 seconds will be important if you cross the finish lĂ­nea in 10h00m01s.

Your coach is hard; ok with it. Be honest with yourself, and think about your weakness in the water, and beat them, maybe you need 5k, or maybe you need a video of you and got the feedback. No miracles, but constance.

Emma said...

Thank You guys...I can hand on heart say I am almost, actually, nearly, honestly, enjoying it...never thought those words would leave my finger tips :)