Sunday, June 28, 2009

Race Report ATM Triathlon (PICTURE UPDATE)

YES! Amongst other things I forgot my race belt...I am allowed...I am an amateur after all!
So I will try and be heard that before right- YEAH!
Drove down late last night. Actually, sorry didn’t leave late but arrived rather late as my co driver...aka Disco Dave felt the need to NOT listen and have faith in the Major’s text message instructions!! (Kidding mate) or not. Anyway Dave felt so bad he let me take the bed in our apartment and he took the sofa. Now I say “apartment” in the loosest of terms. Think shitty kitchen, combination of wallpapers hanging off the wall, dodgy Disco said when he takes a gal away for the weekend he REALLY does it in STYLE!!
It was just a place to lay our head and thank you Wong for arranging the room and Major for collecting our packs.

I realised I had forgot my race biggie...I also forgot something else even more important than a race belt after I showered and changed after the race but I will leave that to your imagination!
Ok so onto race day...
Cup of shitty coffee...really must start taking my own brew. Banana nut muffin (home cooked). We rode down to the start about 2k away for about 7am, race was due to start at 8ish (Malaysian time).
Not many people, very few ladies but a good atmosphere. Steph my nemesis was there so unless someone else slipped under the radar if I got out the swim and had a clean bike it would be between the two of us.
I went for a warm up swim in the polluted water that had ZERO visibility and with only 3 little buoys to sight and a pair of goggles that gave me vision similar to that of Mr Magoo I was worried I would be able to find my way round one loop let alone two. I was in the water less than 5mins and bam, zap, pow, yow...WTF!! FIVE jelly FISH STINGS I tell you. Right arm twice, left calf, feet twice, enough of a warm up for me I think.
I went to medical with Razlan and they were not yet organised. I stood about then headed back to the start. Then went back to the tent and they applied iodine on the worst part of the arm. I started walking away and they called me back. I thought ooo, what special potion have they got for me. So I went over and they gestured to the medical beds. I frowned and said “WHAT”? They said REST? I said...Excuse me??? I gotta race to do!! HA and off I went.
SWIM: First 250m good, then I got stung again on each loop. This time on the neck, feet and left arm badly. The swim was long as one of the buoys had moved so 1750m not 1500m. It went on and on and on I just wanted out. I felt cramp threatening in my left calf that was stung and couldn’t kick; this I guess did not help matters. I got out in a damn awful 45min and was told I was 20minutes behind.
My first thought was, must be 20minutes behind the leaders – guys included surely I can’t be 20 behind Steph. (I found out later I was 20behind Steph and Steph was the 1st out the water!)
BIKE: Oh well I thought, 2nd again. Really wasn’t feeling good, calf felt crampy. I put the hammer down straight away but never EVER felt comfortable. I was going hard and pretty fast but knew it should be better. I was in such a focus mode that in the first loop of 4 I went flying past the turn that the policeman was marshalling!! Crap here we go again, can anything else go wrong?? Back on course and I started overtaking and picking up “friends” aka my peloton. On the 2nd loop word must have got round of the sizable group behind me and I had police escorts clearing the road and army bikers – WELL COOL – LOVED IT. They did an excellent job, hats off to the guys. On the bike course also there were 48 small kampong roads leading off the course. Each road was marshalled by 2 people for safety – again awesome JOB! When we came past the seafront the road was lined with supporters all yelling it was really nice and with the police bike firing up his siren clearing the road for me and my “friends” it was a great experience and almost made me forget about the shitty swim.
After passing the crowds with myself at the front, on the next two loops as we came into view of the supporters to save face one of the guys would come out the pack and ride upfront! At first I thought hey good on you. And for the first time ever I thought okay I will draft he was holding the pace I had been doing. BUT as soon as we were out of sight of the supporters the B******* dropped straight off the front and back behind me. I looked at him as if to say IS THAT IT?? And then thought oh WTF if it makes you feel more of a MAN!
He did it again on the final loop by the way.
Ride: 1hr 8min – I WILL do a 1hr quicker on each loop which is WHY I AM A LONG DISTANCE GIRL!! 40k!! Bahhhhh.
RUN: Out on to the run and I am now informed leader is 5mins in front. I am thinking I could actually do this. Trouble is on the bike I gave it my all telling myself to feel the must feel pain and then just handle the run when it comes. I seriously didn’t know if my leg would seize and whether I would or could run...just cross that bridge when I get there was the train of thought. Well amazingly my legs worked. I caught Steph within 3k and finished my run without incident in 45minutes...all things considering very happy with that...and I ended up with a 10-12minute cushion. So while I am pissed about the swim I am pleased how I handled everything today and carried on and let my strength and perseverance carry me through. I even started blogging on the run to take my mind off the pain!
Disco did fantastically well especially after he hit a pothole on the first loop and his handle bars took a little dive! We collected our prizes (I can now fly to the Philippines 70.3 instead of taking a slow boat which is what doing the race today all was about) and then drove straight back.
I had an instructed 60min turbo from coach to do, so as soon as I got home I went down to TBB and hooked George up to the turbo and span for 60minutes. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. When you do as much long stuff as I do week in week out it was just about loosening up. But I am rather pooped now you may be glad to hear.
So that’s it...a good training day and a fun manic weekend with good friends who made the journey. Really well organised and crowd supported for a small race and I would definitely go again next year if the calender allows!
Great JOB!
NB:There where people taking pictures and I hope I am able to find some and post later on! THANKS Abu, for forwarding me the links for the great pictures. There was however one picture someone took when I actually smiled (it was on the run) is out there somewhere - HONEST!
PD in two weeks...Will someone alert the Jelly Fish that Emma Bishop is coming to PD!
What am I doing tomorrow?? After checking in with the BOSS – 3 days of SERIOUS SWIMMING!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Work Ethics

Just pinched this from my buddies face book page. I say buddy...I do know the guy...he knows me from way back but I still can't bloody place him! Anyway way this is cool:
"You should always give 100% at work... 12% Monday; 23% Tuesday; 40% Wednesday; 20% Thursday; 5% Friday"
Of course this only applies to those you DO NOT enjoy their job. I would like to add that this DOES NOT in no way apply to EMMA'S work ethic with TBB - I give 100% everyday...:)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Delicate Subject

Just found this link on the teamTBB forum, it is from Simon Whitfields Blog and on reading, it made me chuckle more than once and also on occasion think...oh dear, I hope my landlord don't read this!
Whats that? You're asking me what all the noise is? I don't know, can't hear anything.
Pardon, you say you heard meowing??? You must be mistaken...I am allergic to cats and as I am so devoted to my sport do you really think I would jeopardise that and make my asthma worse by keeping a bloody cat? I don't even like cats! HONEST.
Anyway that's what I would say...may I add that I do have a "cat-sized parachute" waiting on the balcony and she has been threatened...20floors is a looooong waaaaay doooooown!

Exploding EGGS!

So I have a bit of a fetish for eggs. Scrambled is the usual order of the day and sometimes an over easy fried one with cheese and chili sauce in a sandwich. Lately I have been egg-sperimenting! Scrambled is quick, especially when done in the microwave. But I still have to stop and stir a couple of times - so start to finish (start to stomach) is probably about 5mins.
So I thought what about a coddled egg type of thing. Normal coddled eggs are whole eggs in a small ramekin (little dish) baked in the oven over a bain-Marie (tray of water). Well that would take ages but could I get the same effect by cracking two eggs into a ramekin and wanging them in the microwave??
YES you can! BUT. I do not like really really runny eggs - I like the whites to be cooked and not runny. After 1minute they were still runny, ok 20sec more. 5secs left on the countdown and BANG! open up door and my yolks are on the roof!!
This happened for a few more attempts of exploding eggs and me constantly mopping up my mess and trying to salvage what edible mess I could until now I have it down to a T.
Pop in couple of bits of toast to toaster. Pop in two eggs and give them 55-60secs for large eggs.
Start to stomach oooo at I guess I would say less than 2minutes!! Now that's what I call a fast recovery brekkie all washed down with a pint of coffee!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maybe next year...

It's Official. I am NOT doing the KL half this Sunday. Was kind of looking forward to trying to go fast again but the temptation of the ATM tri in Malacca this Sunday proved too much to resist.
Heres the thought process (not very technical - I am only a girl after all!!)
1. Run on Sunday...try do 1hr 35 for 21k. Feel immense pain and not really enjoy it.
2. Go to Malacca do the tri. GREAT training day...and what the hell you may win something and be able to pay for your air ticket to the Philippines!
It ain't rocket science is it boys and girls??
Thanks Wong for registering me.
Thanks in advance Major Kalam for the accomodation.
Thanks DISCO for accompanying me. YES thats RIGHT. DISCO DAVE will be racing on his NEW P2C!!!
Report will be out on Monday...I hope :)
As for KL...maybe next year I will get around to doing it...but then again maybe it is one of those races I am just not supposed to do?

Raffle Tickets-UPDATE

Please see below a message from my friend David who is about to embark on his first IM in Zurich on July 12th. He and his friend Roberto have been traveling the globe racing marathons and tri's to raise monet for their friend back home in Mexico. See their site If you want a change at winning a new bike (sorry not a Cervelo) then go to the link and buy a couple of tickets - heck just buy some tickets anyway - only 200 tickets are being sold so chances of winning the bike are pretty good. If someone from Malaysia does win the Langster you would have to bear the shipping cost though.Ladies and Gentlemen!!As good athletes and supporters of the Changing Lungs cause we ask our friends and family to help us distribute some raffle tickets for a contest to win an Amazing CARBON FIBER BICYCLE to the person that DONATES AND GUESSES our finishing times in Ironman Zurich 2009...The tickets will be sold both ONLINE and in person. It is important to get all participants data fields and the GUESSING TIME.The minimum donation, or ticket cost is of US$20, or $270 MXP. We will only accept 200 tickets/donations to keep the probabilities of winning high
Suggestions? Comments? Can you help, and how?
The bicycle: Krbobike Langster Fiber. Retail price close to $35,000MXP (US $2,500)Dura Ace/Ultegra and 105 components. How many tickets do you think you can sell/buy?Ironman is July 12.. not much time let!
Many thanks, David
alubike:::catalogo 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Runs in the Family

At 37years of age (I think), my big brother did his first MTB race yesterday. A solent challenge that covered some 100 plus k's over road, trail and sea (the sea bit was aided by boats). Total ride time 5hours - ish. Total time on the land and sea - 8hours - ish. He came 2nd. Blindingly awesome job. Very proud of you David.
For those of you that don't know. David is the real daredevil in the family. Racing BMX and braking numerous bones in his body from a young age he finally moved up to a big boys bike a few years ago. Living in the New Forest he has the most gorgeous MTB trails smack bang on his doorstep. And I have been egging him on to race because I KNOW he is REALLY GOOD at this biking lark. Stubborn, persistent, loves pain - we are as brother and sister very much alike - it runs in the family!
And so yesterday he came 2nd out of 300 participants. And the winner apparently avoided the trails!!
So now I am dangling the Xterra carrot in front of his nose. "But I don't swim" he says. But there are little things called duathlons I this space....
Well done again BRUV and I am very peeved that you feel so good today. Obviously you did not try hard enough!!!
E. x


Just got off the phone from my MTB champion brother. He has sent me a few snaps but first he deemed it necessary to PISS me off...I mean that's what brothers are for right??? You never grow out of teasing one another :)
So here is a photo of and please excuse the FRENCH, a SHIT LOAD of chocolate that he has managed to somehow get his hands on...the thing is (actually 2 things)...
1. I am now officially weened off of chocolate - no cravings ANYMORE (at time of press)!!
2. I cannot stand TURKISH DELIGHT - even when wrapped in Cadburys!!
Hahahahaha, the calories are on you BIG bruv - ENJOY.
E. x

IM Japan

The first Sunday this month I have had to relax after my run and do sod all. Perfect IM Japan was/still is ongoing. IM Japan is a race I set myself after missing out on the slot in Langkawi. But after some sensible thinking it was going to be an expensive risk going to GOTO for a slot with still so little experience in the sport. Hence the reason I am now just doing half's until next year.
Still...I am always curious to see how I may have fared. With the H1N1 virus circulating, the carbo party and awards party tomorrow night have been cancelled. That's a real shame and I hope it has not put too much of a dampener on the race weekend (I am sure the beer is still free flowing somewhere!!)
Despite being a wetsuit swim (must do one of these) the water was warm from a few days of blue skies and sunny weather (unusual for this time of year, so I am told). Hilary Biscay for teamTBB (eventual 5th place) was the leading female on and off the bike onto the run but was quickly caught by Nicole Klingler of Lichtenstein who came through to win in 9:50:52. While the weather stayed cool the bike course I gather is pretty hilly (hmmmn, perhaps a wise choice I didn't make the trip then?).

For the men, Cameron Watt of teamTBB had an awesome start and was in the lead pack and 2nd place on the run behind eventual winner and defending champion Luke Mckenzie (8:28:31). Cameron struggled on the run and came in 7th.
While the pro's are now relaxing and refueling, spare a thought for those still out there battling away for their own personal glory, dreams and goals and becoming an IRONMAN.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gotta LOVE Saturdays

For the past 3 weekends I have missed normal training. First week in June I moved house so the ride was bumped to Sunday. Following weekend Xterra - Great FUN. Last weekend Phuket - Great FUN also. But I have missed my routine, so...
I wanted to do a solid hard ride this morning so long as my body would let me. KLIA downtown was the destination and as it turned out I rode solo. Wasn't bothered I had it all dialed in and was quite happy to skip the social for once and just go it alone.
I have done the ride once before and clocked 3:59 for 126k - that was 3 weeks ago. The sort of course that suits me (read: fast rolling stuff), I was keen to see how much I could go under 4hours.
Out in 1:53 back in 1:50 for a total time of 3:43 - pretty stoked with that. I had a quick turn around stopping for a kopi tarik at the mamak stall (not quite sure what the guys there thought of this white sweaty Chick rolling up on her own in the middle of KLIA Downtown!!.)
I put the improvements all down to the turbo training it's the only explanation I can think of. Mentally numbing, physically demanding if you can get past that once out on the road you reap the rewards! The time needs to come down some more if I am to achieve my goals but based on today's effort and a very tiring week I am feeling upbeat about it.
Home before 10am, some brekkie, rest and out for coffee then back for some laptop time before the afternoon session starts. A pacing 1.5k swim followed by brick interval run. I LOVE IT.
Not sure if there is something wrong with me but I just love putting my body through the pain. Believe me if I didn't enjoy the training I would NOT be doing this (well not as much of it!).
Gotta love Saturdays!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Reasons Why...

Here are 5 reasons why I SHOULD be a better swimmer. BUT I am not...YET...I could say swimming SUCKS, but I won't...opps but I just did. Spoilt for choice with where to swim from a teeny pool to a 30metre tub I am still officially CRAP. I can ride faster, walk quicker (I now secretly call it a run), but swimming...alas it is SHIT. I am working on it believe me. The swimming muscles have grown maybe I am just not using them right????

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ulu Yam With Sam

Last Wednesday morning I did Ulu Yam with Sam. We repeated the ride today and Sam kindly joined me on my brick run. I am still really sore though and on more than one occasion Sam asked if I was okay.The heart was willing, the legs were somehow turning but just not as hard or as easily as usual.
I put this mornings ride down to a lactic recovery session - whatever that is - I just made it up. One nice thing that cheered me up no end this morning is my NEW shoes. I have only owned one pair of bike shoes before and they have been getting rather stinky and rough around the edges. I think they have only lasted this long because they are black in colour and I cannot see exactly how foul they have become!!
My new shoes are awesome, I have not used the carbon sole before and have no clue if they will help me go faster but it sounds kinda swanky and cool. They also match my bike, so at least I co-ordinate with something at last. They were quite a bargain too I may add. USD109, instead of USD199. It's good to have friends in the right places!!
Thanks for the ride Sam...always great.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Phuket 1/2 marathon

OK, after the inevitable AirAsia delays I am home. Yesterday was a GREAT race. I hit PB's all the way and that is an awesome feeling especially when you purposely do not slow down and taper...because after all it is just 21k - the only difference is I wanted to walk quicker than normal!
I got up at 04:30, had the coffee kicks, plodded about my gorgeous Dusit room (thank YOU Debbie @ Laguna, for helping me out on that). The start was nearby the LBR (Laguna Beach Resort) so the idea was to jog over there and try and do 4k's of jog/sprint repeats to get the blood pumping and regulate my breathing.
We started at 06:00 and near the front for a change I sped off (read: quickly walked). There were a couple of girls in front - one I knew to be a very good runner, the other I caught within 4k and overtook. At 5k's I was 21/22Min's...I was feeling good.
A guy behind me who I heard running off my tail then came by my side. I managed to say "Oh there you are!" and from that point we made a pact to run together. (Well I said is the pace okay for you - he said yes, so I said great. If I drop it you pick it up).
At 7k I was 31Min's I think, at 10k I was 43Min's. WOW, my dream is to do a 40min 10k I thought it was a dream...not anymore I can taste it.
At 14k I was 1hr 3min.
At 15k I was 1hr 7min and change.
At k 18 I started legs felt great. LOVING THEM BOLTS! It was my breathing that was being tested. I have never pushed it that far before when running for such a prolonged period of time. It hurt. I wanted it to be over. It was nasty and as the end got nearer the breathing as many of you know worse. My running buddy whom afterwards I found out was from Geneva and called Christian took up the pace and kept shouting Allez, Allez, Allez!! (Go, Go, Go). At this point I bit my tongue from blasting the usual profanities (no puff to do so anyway) and just grimaced. We crossed the line together. He was throwing water over me at the stops, running ahead to get the drinks (really grateful)..could I have done it without such a capable running buddy?? I hope so and we shall see in less than 2weeks at the KL half.
My previous half best was about 1hr 53min. Yesterday I went 1hr and 37min. I was well on target for 1hr 35 but those last 3k bit yup you guessed it I am going for another PB in 12days!
Coach is happy with my progress but I am still what we/HE calls a fast walker. He says when I learn to walk right, in a cool race I will go 1hr 30!!! So until he deems me anything other than a fast walker I hereby accept that is what I am!! (but also secretly very pleased).
I did another mini tri this morning, 30min swim, 40min spin and 20min run...thank you to my sparing partner for motivating me to get out of bed after the party and subsequently kicking my butt!
All in all an eventful legs are sore, I have a little sun burn and I am ready to get back to normal training tomorrow morning!
Oh yeah so 3rd in age group and 4th overall. A pair of Nike trainers and socks for my efforts...sadly they are not going to tempt me out of my BOLTS!
Thanks Avia!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Xterra PIX

Apologies for the delay. But since I am on a roll with blogging today and hiding from the sun here are some pictures from Xterra race day of my buddies in action. Sorry I couldn't catch all you guys...but it was cool being able to hang in transition area especially seeing you all come in off the bike - SO DIRTY!!
Apologies again as they are not great snaps...that's why I gave up photography and became a triathlete :) ENJOY.

Phuket drunk & disorderly (D&D)

I checked my email this morning and had replies to emails from last night that I do not remember sending!
Don't know how I got to my room last night, but I did wake up fully clothed and intact! I don't remember eating but I did throw up - so there was some proof. Went to dinner with 3 guys only two of them I can recall. Oh deary me. Cannot hold my drink at all these days and yesterday it started all too early after a cool day hanging at the beach.
I am sorry there are no photos to post of this major SLIP UP!
But I am pleased to say, I ran yesterday morning, swam in the surf in the afternoon. I then got my butt to the gym this morning before breakfast and span for 50mins, rowed 6000metres, did press ups, sit-ups - all the while feeling VERY GIDDY.
I hurt my left knee and have an odd doubt bumping into something when D&D.
More later,

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day II

Sat 6th
I planned a 2hour run for Saturday morning. Since we needed to be set up by 9am, that meant starting at 5.30am. Alarm went off at 4.45am and up I got. It was 8k round trip from the Vistana down to the beach and back so I figured aim to do 3loops in my 2hours. Get back at 7.30am, shower quick brekkie and off to work - hi ho - this is what i meant when training and work can sometimes make for some a very long day!
The run was awesome. On the first loop out down at the beach I almost came face to face with a wild boar, I made my u-turn and by the time I returned on the 2nd loop the town was slowly waking up and all wildlife had scarpered.
I completed my three loops in a tad under 2hours - very happy with that. I was also wearing my new AVIA Avi-Lite II's - just giving them an outing. I am pleased to report NO chaffing, blisters or discomfort. They offer some light cushioning on the heel which is good for heel to forefoot strikers (which I am) - BUT personally I prefer running in the Bolts :)
After breakfast it was all about keeping on the go. If I slow down after a long run I won't get going again. Lucky for me Saturday was MANIC! Bike check-in (we ran a book on what time the first bike would be checked in). I think Daniel won...I forget who lost (probably me) so I guess I owe you all a drink!!

Business was brisk and meeting up with old Friends and making new acquaintances was fun. The most common question asked to me? Why are you not racing?? Me to everyone-Not in the plan!!!Saturday was a really long 7pm we were still checking in late bikes and all of us were seriously flagging. Carbo dinner was mostly leftovers but I shoveled some food down and then went and saw to my emails while the others popped out for some satay.
Tomorrow was another early one - 4.30am! CRAP.

Xterra Weekend

Friday 5th
I offered up my services as driver to Kuantan and Daniel, Steffi, SK, Chan and myself left TBB at a little after 6am. I was late. Hey! it's a long way to TBB from my new house :)
A little after two and half hours later we arrived in Kuantan. Roads were a breeze. Went down to the race site and while waiting for the truck had breakfast at Mc Donald's (I DO NOT LIKE Mc D's - but no friggin choice!!).
Anyway the day went calmly; we set up and I managed to sneak my Friday swim in, late in the afternoon. Earlier in the day Shazly had introduced me to fellow Brit, Sam Gardner, one of the Pro's and he left his bike and kit with us while he checked out the water.
I asked him how it was out there when he came back and he said very warm and calm. Good I thought, give it an hour or so for lunch to go down and I will hit the waves.
Things changed quite rapidly in that hour or so. The ocean turned into a washing machine by the time I 'hit the waves'. Desaru? Calm compared to what was throwing me about.

I perservered and after a while of stroking air thought okay enough, and decided to swim in to shore. I know I don't go in straight lines but I knew I would get there in the end. The mistake I made was being lazy about sighting. So after about 20strokes I thought OKAY Emma, lets have a looksie and see where I am. I looked up and panic struck. WHO MOVED THE BEACH??? I turned around and the beach was now BEHIND ME!!!
NOW, some people, a lot of people, most people...would say this was due to my crap stroke. BUT it is not that bad any more. The current had flipped me around without realising it and I was bloody heading back out to sea!!! Oh well...the swim was a little longer than anticipated. Ten minutes after getting out the water the heavans opened and a storm erupted - close call! We headed back to the hotel sorted out logistics for the next day and then went on a restaurant hunt. Ended up having Thai food and then an early night at the Vistana.

A Fine Balance

What a weekend! This was my first time being on the other side of the fence (read: not taking part in a race). I didn't miss it at all. I think that is because there was no TT bikes involved! Hard work is an understatement (I take my hat off to all those people that work events week in week out), and I learnt first hand that managing training and work is a very fine balance. Sometimes it is going to be very difficult to execute all the time and other times I am going to have to put myself through some VERY long days in order to fit everything in.
My problem is if I miss training I am not happy. Training is my drug of gives me the endorphins to keep on going and be able to give 100% effort at work. If I miss a session I don't feel guilty because I ate too much the day before/think I might get fat/lose fitness etc. it has got to the stage where I train because I love to do it - NO MATTER WHAT. I love the pain, the challenge of balancing work and life and I love the rewards of feeling healthy and strong. And so as a weekend of Xterra mayhem loomed I was excited about working rather than participating...I was also planning how to get through the weekend with some training under my belt!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Also stands for Unusual SILLY B*******. My brother gave me a humping monkey USB drive for Christmas a while back...yeah make of it what you want...anyway seems the geeks out there have been getting in touch with the creative side of their bulbous brains and come up with more nonsense. Entertaining but definitely not compact...check these out...
Feeling a little peckish?

For the wine connosoiur.Laptop Chicken.My personal favourite...suicidal TED!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cervelo SALE!

It officially started yesterday and will run until July 31st. It is the first ever global Cervelo sale...and in TBB KL we like to look at it as the ULTIMATE summer SALE. Not just great discounts on Cervelo complete bikes and frames but cool extras to make life so much sweeter!

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I have never been a SHOE person; owning very few pairs of what you may call 'proper' going out la-di-da shoes. BUT running shoes/trainers/pumps/sneakers - I LIKE! So my stash of Avia shoes for me to test out came yesterday ready for Xterra. The Stoltz (blue/green) trail shoes LOOK Awesome...almost make me want to do the race...I said almost. They are available NOW and will be at Xterra.

I have the Avi-Lite II's (blue/silver) which are popular among a couple of the teamTBB girls - offering up a little bit more support in an ultra light show (will test them on Saturday long run)..

..and I have a pair of Avi-Rhythms (purple/grey) - a shoe that I am told is great for training but for me a good shoe to wear also as active (READ: walking) recovery.
So today I have an OFF day(from training)! My first in nearly 8weeks. The past few days I have been slugging it out and know I needed a rest BUT unless someone tells me to rest - I won't! Lucky for me I got note from the horses mouth last night and tomorrow's monster Wednesday will be somewhat altered. Back to normal Thursday (I will feel great) I am told.
So recovery. I am going to slip on my Rhythms and go off to work!
Thanks Avia...will be reporting SOON!!