Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maybe next year...

It's Official. I am NOT doing the KL half this Sunday. Was kind of looking forward to trying to go fast again but the temptation of the ATM tri in Malacca this Sunday proved too much to resist.
Heres the thought process (not very technical - I am only a girl after all!!)
1. Run on Sunday...try do 1hr 35 for 21k. Feel immense pain and not really enjoy it.
2. Go to Malacca do the tri. GREAT training day...and what the hell you may win something and be able to pay for your air ticket to the Philippines!
It ain't rocket science is it boys and girls??
Thanks Wong for registering me.
Thanks in advance Major Kalam for the accomodation.
Thanks DISCO for accompanying me. YES thats RIGHT. DISCO DAVE will be racing on his NEW P2C!!!
Report will be out on Monday...I hope :)
As for KL...maybe next year I will get around to doing it...but then again maybe it is one of those races I am just not supposed to do?

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Anonymous said...

Haha...funny. But right choice! Good luck in the Tri and win the trip to Philippines!