Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exploding EGGS!

So I have a bit of a fetish for eggs. Scrambled is the usual order of the day and sometimes an over easy fried one with cheese and chili sauce in a sandwich. Lately I have been egg-sperimenting! Scrambled is quick, especially when done in the microwave. But I still have to stop and stir a couple of times - so start to finish (start to stomach) is probably about 5mins.
So I thought what about a coddled egg type of thing. Normal coddled eggs are whole eggs in a small ramekin (little dish) baked in the oven over a bain-Marie (tray of water). Well that would take ages but could I get the same effect by cracking two eggs into a ramekin and wanging them in the microwave??
YES you can! BUT. I do not like really really runny eggs - I like the whites to be cooked and not runny. After 1minute they were still runny, ok 20sec more. 5secs left on the countdown and BANG! open up door and my yolks are on the roof!!
This happened for a few more attempts of exploding eggs and me constantly mopping up my mess and trying to salvage what edible mess I could until now I have it down to a T.
Pop in couple of bits of toast to toaster. Pop in two eggs and give them 55-60secs for large eggs.
Start to stomach oooo at I guess I would say less than 2minutes!! Now that's what I call a fast recovery brekkie all washed down with a pint of coffee!


Cheong said...

Try covering the top of the container w/o locking the cover down or use a shrink wrap (meant for microwave). It should contain or buffer down the "egg blast"......I think :-)

All the best for the ATM Tri & look forward to your post.

Emma said...

hehee, I did that on the 2nd attempt - even bigger BANG!!!!