Monday, June 8, 2009

Xterra Weekend

Friday 5th
I offered up my services as driver to Kuantan and Daniel, Steffi, SK, Chan and myself left TBB at a little after 6am. I was late. Hey! it's a long way to TBB from my new house :)
A little after two and half hours later we arrived in Kuantan. Roads were a breeze. Went down to the race site and while waiting for the truck had breakfast at Mc Donald's (I DO NOT LIKE Mc D's - but no friggin choice!!).
Anyway the day went calmly; we set up and I managed to sneak my Friday swim in, late in the afternoon. Earlier in the day Shazly had introduced me to fellow Brit, Sam Gardner, one of the Pro's and he left his bike and kit with us while he checked out the water.
I asked him how it was out there when he came back and he said very warm and calm. Good I thought, give it an hour or so for lunch to go down and I will hit the waves.
Things changed quite rapidly in that hour or so. The ocean turned into a washing machine by the time I 'hit the waves'. Desaru? Calm compared to what was throwing me about.

I perservered and after a while of stroking air thought okay enough, and decided to swim in to shore. I know I don't go in straight lines but I knew I would get there in the end. The mistake I made was being lazy about sighting. So after about 20strokes I thought OKAY Emma, lets have a looksie and see where I am. I looked up and panic struck. WHO MOVED THE BEACH??? I turned around and the beach was now BEHIND ME!!!
NOW, some people, a lot of people, most people...would say this was due to my crap stroke. BUT it is not that bad any more. The current had flipped me around without realising it and I was bloody heading back out to sea!!! Oh well...the swim was a little longer than anticipated. Ten minutes after getting out the water the heavans opened and a storm erupted - close call! We headed back to the hotel sorted out logistics for the next day and then went on a restaurant hunt. Ended up having Thai food and then an early night at the Vistana.

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