Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Delicate Subject

Just found this link on the teamTBB forum, it is from Simon Whitfields Blog and on reading, it made me chuckle more than once and also on occasion think...oh dear, I hope my landlord don't read this!
Whats that? You're asking me what all the noise is? I don't know, can't hear anything.
Pardon, you say you heard meowing??? You must be mistaken...I am allergic to cats and as I am so devoted to my sport do you really think I would jeopardise that and make my asthma worse by keeping a bloody cat? I don't even like cats! HONEST.
Anyway that's what I would say...may I add that I do have a "cat-sized parachute" waiting on the balcony and she has been threatened...20floors is a looooong waaaaay doooooown!

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