Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I have never been a SHOE person; owning very few pairs of what you may call 'proper' going out la-di-da shoes. BUT running shoes/trainers/pumps/sneakers - I LIKE! So my stash of Avia shoes for me to test out came yesterday ready for Xterra. The Stoltz (blue/green) trail shoes LOOK Awesome...almost make me want to do the race...I said almost. They are available NOW and will be at Xterra.

I have the Avi-Lite II's (blue/silver) which are popular among a couple of the teamTBB girls - offering up a little bit more support in an ultra light show (will test them on Saturday long run)..

..and I have a pair of Avi-Rhythms (purple/grey) - a shoe that I am told is great for training but for me a good shoe to wear also as active (READ: walking) recovery.
So today I have an OFF day(from training)! My first in nearly 8weeks. The past few days I have been slugging it out and know I needed a rest BUT unless someone tells me to rest - I won't! Lucky for me I got note from the horses mouth last night and tomorrow's monster Wednesday will be somewhat altered. Back to normal Thursday (I will feel great) I am told.
So today...active recovery. I am going to slip on my Rhythms and go off to work!
Thanks Avia...will be reporting SOON!!

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