Sunday, June 21, 2009


Just got off the phone from my MTB champion brother. He has sent me a few snaps but first he deemed it necessary to PISS me off...I mean that's what brothers are for right??? You never grow out of teasing one another :)
So here is a photo of and please excuse the FRENCH, a SHIT LOAD of chocolate that he has managed to somehow get his hands on...the thing is (actually 2 things)...
1. I am now officially weened off of chocolate - no cravings ANYMORE (at time of press)!!
2. I cannot stand TURKISH DELIGHT - even when wrapped in Cadburys!!
Hahahahaha, the calories are on you BIG bruv - ENJOY.
E. x

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious post =]] But how could anyone be weened of of chocolate? I just don't believe it =].

You're going to love this site lol ....they have your two favorites (chocolates and turkish delight) Take Care!