Monday, June 15, 2009

Phuket 1/2 marathon

OK, after the inevitable AirAsia delays I am home. Yesterday was a GREAT race. I hit PB's all the way and that is an awesome feeling especially when you purposely do not slow down and taper...because after all it is just 21k - the only difference is I wanted to walk quicker than normal!
I got up at 04:30, had the coffee kicks, plodded about my gorgeous Dusit room (thank YOU Debbie @ Laguna, for helping me out on that). The start was nearby the LBR (Laguna Beach Resort) so the idea was to jog over there and try and do 4k's of jog/sprint repeats to get the blood pumping and regulate my breathing.
We started at 06:00 and near the front for a change I sped off (read: quickly walked). There were a couple of girls in front - one I knew to be a very good runner, the other I caught within 4k and overtook. At 5k's I was 21/22Min's...I was feeling good.
A guy behind me who I heard running off my tail then came by my side. I managed to say "Oh there you are!" and from that point we made a pact to run together. (Well I said is the pace okay for you - he said yes, so I said great. If I drop it you pick it up).
At 7k I was 31Min's I think, at 10k I was 43Min's. WOW, my dream is to do a 40min 10k I thought it was a dream...not anymore I can taste it.
At 14k I was 1hr 3min.
At 15k I was 1hr 7min and change.
At k 18 I started legs felt great. LOVING THEM BOLTS! It was my breathing that was being tested. I have never pushed it that far before when running for such a prolonged period of time. It hurt. I wanted it to be over. It was nasty and as the end got nearer the breathing as many of you know worse. My running buddy whom afterwards I found out was from Geneva and called Christian took up the pace and kept shouting Allez, Allez, Allez!! (Go, Go, Go). At this point I bit my tongue from blasting the usual profanities (no puff to do so anyway) and just grimaced. We crossed the line together. He was throwing water over me at the stops, running ahead to get the drinks (really grateful)..could I have done it without such a capable running buddy?? I hope so and we shall see in less than 2weeks at the KL half.
My previous half best was about 1hr 53min. Yesterday I went 1hr and 37min. I was well on target for 1hr 35 but those last 3k bit yup you guessed it I am going for another PB in 12days!
Coach is happy with my progress but I am still what we/HE calls a fast walker. He says when I learn to walk right, in a cool race I will go 1hr 30!!! So until he deems me anything other than a fast walker I hereby accept that is what I am!! (but also secretly very pleased).
I did another mini tri this morning, 30min swim, 40min spin and 20min run...thank you to my sparing partner for motivating me to get out of bed after the party and subsequently kicking my butt!
All in all an eventful legs are sore, I have a little sun burn and I am ready to get back to normal training tomorrow morning!
Oh yeah so 3rd in age group and 4th overall. A pair of Nike trainers and socks for my efforts...sadly they are not going to tempt me out of my BOLTS!
Thanks Avia!


Anonymous said...

wah..salute !! SCKLM sure can PB again...gambateh !


David Alden said...

Go Emma!
nice Blog! keep up the good work (blogging) that helps us keep our motivation levels up!... 3 weeks for our first Ironman!