Friday, June 12, 2009

Phuket drunk & disorderly (D&D)

I checked my email this morning and had replies to emails from last night that I do not remember sending!
Don't know how I got to my room last night, but I did wake up fully clothed and intact! I don't remember eating but I did throw up - so there was some proof. Went to dinner with 3 guys only two of them I can recall. Oh deary me. Cannot hold my drink at all these days and yesterday it started all too early after a cool day hanging at the beach.
I am sorry there are no photos to post of this major SLIP UP!
But I am pleased to say, I ran yesterday morning, swam in the surf in the afternoon. I then got my butt to the gym this morning before breakfast and span for 50mins, rowed 6000metres, did press ups, sit-ups - all the while feeling VERY GIDDY.
I hurt my left knee and have an odd doubt bumping into something when D&D.
More later,

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