Monday, April 26, 2010

Kestral FOR SALE

UPDATE: PRICE AUD$4,500.00 ono
My friend Charlotte Paul's Hubby, Kristian is selling his 2009 Kestral Airfoil Pro SLSE.
WHY...cos when your wife is a pro and you are a VERY bit of a GOOD age grouper and get the brand new version!! Anyway see below details of the bike. Interested parties can contact me or contact Kristian at

09 Kestrel Airfoil SLSE 50cm 650c 
Kristian says: I got this bike in January 2009 and used it up to the Ironman World Champs in October 2009. I'm selling it as I now have the 2010 model. The Airfoil Pro SLSE is arguably one of the most aerodynamic bikes in the sport of triathlon. This bike is light, comfortable and fast. 
All the parts are listed below, however there are some brand new items on it such as the Zipp Vuka bars, both chain rings and an FSA Carbon stem. The reason is that I use 3T bars and I took the chain rings off when I first got it and put Rotor Q-Rings on it instead. 
The bike will come with all cables, housing, ferrels and bar tape, but you will need to get it built up as I don't want to cut down the extensions on the Zuka bars.
  • 51cm 650c Frame -- proprietary 800k carbon fiber. New lay-up provides 20% more power to the pedals while reducing weight 
  • Fully adjustable carbon aero seat post -- provides up to 80 degree seat tube angle
  • Fork -- Airfoil Pro EMS SL Carbon steerer
  • Group Set: SRAM RED -- Includes brand new chain rings 53/39 -- SRAM chain - brand new for Ironman WC, so only had ~ 300km on it -- 23/11 Cassette was new with the chain, so again - it only has minimal use -- 172.5 cranks
  • FSA 90mm carbon stem -- brand new
  • Wheels -- Bontrager Race X lite Aero with DT Swiss Hubs and Conti GP4000 tyres (the rear is brand new and the front is nearly brand new - has been ridden a few times but in great condition
  • Brand NEW Zipp Vuka integrated aerobars (no box as they came with my other bike, they have all the parts and the extensions are not cut)
The frame is in really good condition and has some of the usual stone chips and some chain slapping/wearing marks on the rear stays, and a tiny bit of surface rust on the hollow section (outside) of the crank, the bike has been well looked after and will provide tons of enjoyment to the person who gets it. If you have any questions what so ever, ask away. The bike as built would retail around $7,500 USD

Emma says: *I am not sure if USD7500 is the asking price here...will update later!

A Swimming Lesson

The last time my swim was looked at was one year ago in Subic Bay. So I figure one year on, lesson #2, sounds about right. I know many of you have tried to help me in my swim and even offered to pay for a coach for me. I really appreciate these kind offers, but it is not that I am stubborn and think do not need help. Gawd knows we all know I need help! It is just that I have to listen and believe in one person and one person alone. So with that I have carried on for one year with my swim coaching like my bike and run through email.
I need simplicity in my training and Brett's methods and style are aligned perfectly with my needs. No science, no stress (well almost).
I kind of know my problem. As I say it's not scientific and not focused on technique. My problem is my head. I panic breathe. One year ago I was told to increase my cadence (arm turnover) and I shall go faster. Well through much pain I have. Now I can turn my arms and they don't get tired. But I was not going any quicker. Why?
I breath on every stroke. I do not extend properly each time. This equals fast short strokes and even faster more rapid breathing which serves only to build up lactic, panic me, and not allow enough time to get full clean oxygen or expel the oxygen. Basically and this is what it feels like, is that I am breathing with half capacity.
SO, now I am learning to breathe every four strokes, get the lungs stronger and not worry about the short strokes and keep the fast cadence. Apparently Becky Preston (teamTBB pro and known for her 2 IM titles in space of 2weeks) also breathes every 4. She also has a very short stroke. It's don't look pretty but who can argue with those results!
Also I learnt that taking 72 strokes in a 50metre pool (I don't take that many, but it's more than average I guess) is not a bad thing. 72strokes is the number of strokes taken by a world class swimmer Brett used to coach. SO. Work with what works and keep it simple. Triathletes are not swimmers as we are constantly reminded. We just need to be SWIM FIT to get through the washing machine and out the other end.
Flotation. I have a new pool buoy called BOB. Formerly know as Herman, Bob is a 'hand-me-down' from pal Jocelyn. It seems Jocelyn no longer requires the doughnut and Herman...she is on another program. And so a knock on my door when packing and she kindly presented me with BOB. Thank YOU I hope it helps.
The doughnut. A tiny inner tube to put around my ankles. The idea is to create drag. Boy oh boy does it work. So now I go even slower but the doughnut is supposed to work to help me learn to maintain my position in the pool and force me to push the water out - if I do not push I do not move. I am also using paddles while doing this so the muscles are going to grow even bigger!!
The good news and there is some. These days I look forward to swimming. I am out of breath and pooped after each set by 4 stroke breathing but I know in a few months it will soon be no problem to breathe this way. (this is what I tell myself). If I can learn to turn the arms quicker I can learn to breathe every 4!
No more lessons until maybe after Kona. I have my plan. It is a very simple one. And I am going to be positive :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

1237 OUCH

It was a mad, long, hot, tiring and FUN week in Krabi. The first official shoot of teamTBB we have more material than I know what to do with. We were also filming behind the scenes and in training and have some exclusive interviews, so as you can imagine, a fun experience in a beautiful setting. There are plenty of candid shots of the athletes in action, which will give an insight to the daily lives of being a professional triathlete, some great interviews and funny moments on film. Keep an eye on in the coming weeks as the pictures and stories filter through.
So with one morning off work before we flew back to KL, Jason and Joe from Snap-Attack and myself made a date to tackle the temple steps early in the morning after my run.
The team were off to swim training and I chose to skip it. I had my 'lesson' on Thursday. Will reveal more about that later. 

So to the steps. Only one team member, Rebecca Preston has done the steps. She did it early in camp and consequently regretted it as it screwed up her training for the next few days. Finding that she couldn't power the bike because of muscle soreness from doing something 'different' to swim, bike, run. I totally understand the others NOT doing the steps. When at full training for IM, stairs, let alone narrow steps are the last thing you want to tackle.

Well since I have been struggling with a hip flexor injury my run is currently a slow plod running under the pain. I thought the steps would be a good cultural workout. Plus the guys told us about this awesome fruit smoothie stall at the bottom - the ultimate reward :)
I won't ramble on too much...the pictures taken by Jason and Joe say it all. It was hard work and I believe many people start the climb and never make it to the top. It is steep and VERY hot with no air. But the view from the top is well worth the pain.
Talking of pain. Bentong was dialled in yesterday for my ride. I needed to get back for work at the latest 12pm. Well it was a tough seems the steps were taking their toll on my legs, the calves and quads were seriously sore, add to that a dicky tummy that saw me stopping whenever I could, I had to jump into a truck at Petronas at Genting Sempah and speed back to work.
Hmm, me thinks I will go back and do it again next week - not going to let that beat me!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I haven't been to Krabi before. I hear it is supposed to be rather a nice place to chill out, relax and have some fun in the sun. And if this picture is anything to go by it does indeed look like paradise. Such a shame then that I shall be working :(
My office for the week will be the beach, a running track and the roads of Krabi, Thailand where teamTBB are currently in camp, training. I am going over to help with the team photo shoot. Been a long LONG time since I worked on a photo shoot so it WILL be FUN, but it will also be, from what I remember, very HARD work!
George is staying at home for this trip, to much to do and instead I will work on balancing some runtime and much needed swim lessons from the powers that be, with 3 action packed days of filming. 
It's going to be hard to adjust, but don't worry about me, I am sure I will be able to handle it :D

Friday, April 9, 2010


So I get to the US embassy at 7:40am on Thursday. Go through and submit my forms. The, ahem 'lady' behind the counter says we don't accept these forms now you gotta do it on-line! I explained I knew this but when I submitted, YOUR system was down. So I called and emailed and was told to do it this way.
She goes off, comes back and says:
'Yes, that's right but we are still not going to accept it,' go away and do another form!' - not even a SORRY came out her pursed up mouth!
Well, Emma was seething, in my mind I visualised leaning across the counter and taking her puny white scrawny AMERICAN neck and strangling her. But since I had to be on my best behaviour. I nodded, smiled and left to make another form.
I chose an early appointment so I could miss the traffic and get back to work. I was number 11 when I submitted the first time. I then had to sign out get all my bags, laptop and bombs that I had tried to smuggle in and walk to the MCA building to do another bloody form.
Got back to the embassy at 9:20am. Handed over my bag and bombs and went inside. I was now #85 and the place was heaving. Why do so many people want to go to the States? It's expensive!!!
My number after 40minutes was called up. A different lady - lucky for her (or is that me) !!!
I handed over the form, all in order now and went and sat down to wait.
Finally, I am called up for round 2 the finger print scan and then back to my seat to wait.
And wait AND wait AND wait. This was the longest wait and I started getting worried. I realised the passport I gave did not have my Malaysian visa in it - they probably think I am an illegal here - the mind works exceptionally well overtime when one has had trouble with the likes of immigration before!
FINALLY, at 11:45 my number is up. This time it is the 'interview'
A delightful lady behind the counter, asked a few questions and noted I only needed a waiver not a visa. I explained that I had been denied and deported before many years ago and briefly explained what had happened.
She said that it was not here on record. I said it was under a different name. Ah she said.
Well then I learnt that even though British passports don't need a visa we still have to apply on-line for the waiver and from there (being the honest person I am) I would have been directed to apply for a visa because of the past.
SO. I was told I was a very good girl for being honest!!!
And no problem there you go have a visa. For what reason are you going she asked. I explained. She said cool. I said YUP. So they are not all ****holes I guess I can put the first ones unpleasant attitude down to hormones??!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Genting Sempah

Ulu Yam turned into Genting Sempah this morning. I do not remember the last time I rode Sempah. I do believe I have never EVER ridden it on George so that in itself means a long long time. A nice climb and a tricky descent. Well for me it is tricky. Descending FAST is something I have yet to master and I have a feeling the next couple of months will see me tackling my climbing and descending. I am thinking a rotating menu of one week Semaph and one week Ulu Yam. Descending is easy, FAST and so super fun at Ulu Yam but the parts of the ride where you have to work you really have to work and there is no FREE ride home. Unlike Sempah. Get to the top and it's downhill all the way easy peasy, so long as you stay upright :)
I have one more afternoon to do as I please. I need not do anything but I am looking outside of TBB, the sun is shining and the water may beckon or perhaps a run. Tomorrow I will try and do a 2hour run. I say try because I have been having some hip flexor niggle. It will be my last 2hour run (I think) for some time - so I intend to ENJOY it.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Who thinks I am bias? I just don't know any better, but Mon has decided to part ways with lady #2 in his life - the delectable Quintana Roo Caliente.
Interested parties, please leave a comment and I shall forward your details on.
Frame only - Size 51 cm. Aluminium with carbon fork and carbon seat stay. Good condition.
'Very fast and comfortable aero tri bike'.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not Quite in the Spirit

I have never done an IM in Europe. Actually never done any sort of triathlon in Europe. Much too cold for the likes of me but never say never I guess. Anyway, I have heard lots of stories about how phenomenal the support is for races throughout Europe, in particular Germany. The European Championship IM race held in Frankfurt, Germany will be held on July 4th 2010 this year. That is the longest day in the Calender. Now there are a few factors affecting this years race that will see the longest bike leg ever at 185k due to road construction.
To allow for this 'extension' the cut off time for the bike has been rightly so adjusted giving athletes an extra 15minutes ride time. But once you get off the bike it literally is a race against time as this year IM Frankfurt will be the SHORTEST race (according to time) EVER.
So just when I was praising the support of the general public, it seems that the local residents have kicked up such a fuss about the crowd noise and support that carries on well into the night that the run time has been rather shockingly reduced.
YES you heard right. And not by a mere 30minutes. In the past the race has finished at 11pm. And because of some grumpy residents who cannot simply accept and embrace the fact that for one day a year their home town holds one of the most celebrated endurance races in the world, the race will now officially finish at 10pm!
Apparently between the hours of 10 and 11pm last year only 120 athletes went through the finish. SO WHAT? If you have to wait 1hour for 1 person - you do it! That is the spirit of IM. A spirit that it seems is seriously lacking amongst the grumpy 'you make too much noise' folks who want to be in bed with a hot cocoa rather than line the street and witness one of the reasons to be at a finishing line in last place :)
If you would like to read the full story check out: