Sunday, April 18, 2010

1237 OUCH

It was a mad, long, hot, tiring and FUN week in Krabi. The first official shoot of teamTBB we have more material than I know what to do with. We were also filming behind the scenes and in training and have some exclusive interviews, so as you can imagine, a fun experience in a beautiful setting. There are plenty of candid shots of the athletes in action, which will give an insight to the daily lives of being a professional triathlete, some great interviews and funny moments on film. Keep an eye on in the coming weeks as the pictures and stories filter through.
So with one morning off work before we flew back to KL, Jason and Joe from Snap-Attack and myself made a date to tackle the temple steps early in the morning after my run.
The team were off to swim training and I chose to skip it. I had my 'lesson' on Thursday. Will reveal more about that later. 

So to the steps. Only one team member, Rebecca Preston has done the steps. She did it early in camp and consequently regretted it as it screwed up her training for the next few days. Finding that she couldn't power the bike because of muscle soreness from doing something 'different' to swim, bike, run. I totally understand the others NOT doing the steps. When at full training for IM, stairs, let alone narrow steps are the last thing you want to tackle.

Well since I have been struggling with a hip flexor injury my run is currently a slow plod running under the pain. I thought the steps would be a good cultural workout. Plus the guys told us about this awesome fruit smoothie stall at the bottom - the ultimate reward :)
I won't ramble on too much...the pictures taken by Jason and Joe say it all. It was hard work and I believe many people start the climb and never make it to the top. It is steep and VERY hot with no air. But the view from the top is well worth the pain.
Talking of pain. Bentong was dialled in yesterday for my ride. I needed to get back for work at the latest 12pm. Well it was a tough seems the steps were taking their toll on my legs, the calves and quads were seriously sore, add to that a dicky tummy that saw me stopping whenever I could, I had to jump into a truck at Petronas at Genting Sempah and speed back to work.
Hmm, me thinks I will go back and do it again next week - not going to let that beat me!

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jaimev said...

Krabi is nice isn´t?
I´ll be back in november but would love to be there before.