Saturday, April 3, 2010

Genting Sempah

Ulu Yam turned into Genting Sempah this morning. I do not remember the last time I rode Sempah. I do believe I have never EVER ridden it on George so that in itself means a long long time. A nice climb and a tricky descent. Well for me it is tricky. Descending FAST is something I have yet to master and I have a feeling the next couple of months will see me tackling my climbing and descending. I am thinking a rotating menu of one week Semaph and one week Ulu Yam. Descending is easy, FAST and so super fun at Ulu Yam but the parts of the ride where you have to work you really have to work and there is no FREE ride home. Unlike Sempah. Get to the top and it's downhill all the way easy peasy, so long as you stay upright :)
I have one more afternoon to do as I please. I need not do anything but I am looking outside of TBB, the sun is shining and the water may beckon or perhaps a run. Tomorrow I will try and do a 2hour run. I say try because I have been having some hip flexor niggle. It will be my last 2hour run (I think) for some time - so I intend to ENJOY it.

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