Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monster Weekend

Mad, crazy...knackered! I switched training round this weekend as I moved out of the dungeon into a place where there is peace, quiet, light and views...oh and telephone reception - bah humbug no more excuses not to pick up!
So, up at 5am Saturday to do my first long run since January. This was a 120min run. Went back to front from Petronas to Bukit Aman and tagged on bits to make up the time. It was a busy Saturday...lots of runners out so I didn't feel too alone. Disco was out there (as I had coerced him into loaning out his brawn with my moving later), Bee was out (she was riding with me today, Thank You), Keat Seong, Bobby, loads of people pounding the streets in preparation I guess for KL.
Keat Seong had the cheek to ask if I was doing 40k's!!! Nope. none of that for a good few months...actually Feb 23rd 2010 will be the next time I run 40k! Run felt pretty ok, been having some tweaks which I have put down to the discovery of some new cycling muscles that are starting to appear and they are making themselves known by giving me some pain...small price to pay I guess for more power. To sum up it was the quickest I have ever done the run in...not lighting quick but fast and comfortable enough to know the run IS improving.
The rest of a day went by in a haze of boxes, sweat, dust and mess.
Went to bed, body throbbing from the run and having been on my feet all day. Woke up and thought - I must be mad to ride - I am just absolutly buggered. I lay there contemplating calling Bee when me inner Demon/Angel/Crazy head know you will feel awful if you don't ride. What ya gonna do? Walk around the house peaking in the boxes? Can't use the power drill it's get your lazy arse out of bed and GO RIDE!
Boy am I glad I did. Bee and I met Disco at mega mall and we set off to Salak. Half way along the LDP I suggested going to KLIA downtown. Having never done that ride before: Dave had a hangover, Bee ran 30k on Saturday and I was just pooped. Loved it! My pooped self evaporated and I lay down the rubber and off we went.
The best part of the ride came after brekkie. Went round to the mini mart to top on liquids and I noticed these cool stickers (well I think they are cool). Doesn't take much to make Emma happy - 70sen to be exact (so boys I am a cheap date!!!). Check out the sticker though - this had to go on George - LOVE IT.
Got home 127k in the bag and then posted my swim and run. Dehydrated, sore and 1.5kg lighter - next weekend we are in Xterra so no bike for me :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's not a new phrase but one that I am going to use more frequently to describe my bodily state. With 6weeks of OD base training behind me I have stepped up to half Iron training. Little of (or a lot) depending on how you look at it, increases here and there. Yesterday (Wednesday) is living up to it's buggery status and my legs are now back to the "please stay in bed and don't move" state.
I am not complaining at all. Never would I dream of that. Just relaying the daily trials and tribulations that are now harder to juggle with the considerate increase in work commitments. Loving the work, but come 6pm I am looking a little - NOPE a lot frazzled round the edges!
So the 3hour bike yesterday, totally took it out of me. Difficult to get the heart rate up when the legs are saying ouch, ouch, ouch. Got home just before 8am and set about the 45minute run. Now I have permission to do this "as I feel". Feeling good. HAMMER IT. Feeling like crap...well I just went out and did it. Thinking I was running ever so slowly when I passed a mental kilometer marker I glanced at my watch and thought? Eh? This FEELS slow, but it ain't half bad.
I then had an light bulb moment of sorts 25minutes in. I do all my good thinking whilst running. No need for music, just me and the road and conversations in my head. I asked myself, how come I am doing this? No one MADE me get up this morning. No one MADE me lace up my shoes and run. No one will KNOW if I cut it short or don't do it. So WHY am I doing this??
Oh I know. This is MY LIFE. I enjoy feeling alive, when I feel pain I know I am alive. When I can chat whilst running I know I can go harder. It is a lifestyle. It is a dream. I have goals and one by one I am moving towards reaching them...I am impatient yes I want it all NOW. But I am learning these things do take time.

Probably the Worst Drink on the Planet...

Extract taken from Men's Health
"The menu description may sound simple enough: “A blend of HEATH Bar Crunch and Jamoca® ice creams, chopped HEATH Bar pieces and caramel, topped with whipped cream and chopped HEATH Bar pieces.” But the ingredient list reveals a much more complicated story. Methyl paraben, propylene glycol, polysorbate 80: You’d need a degree in chemical engineering just to have a shot at cracking this brain-freezing code. All told, the list of ingredients runs seven inches and 73 ingredients long. Whatever happened to the days when a milkshake was just ice cream and milk?
As unsavory as this list of indecipherable emulsifiers, preservatives, and artificial flavorings may be, the most concerning part comes when you consider the sheer nutritional impact of this weapon of mass construction.
To give you some perspective, slurping up one 32-ounce Heath Shake is the caloric equivalent of eating 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the saturated fat equivalent of scarfing 60 slices of bacon, and will give you the same sugar rush as working your way through 13 Haagen Dazs Vanilla and Almond ice cream bars."
Click on image to enlarge and see the ghastly "NUTRITIONAL" details.

Emma Says: I am not an ice-cream addict. Having said that I can eat it any day...that's the problem with a severe sweet tooth disorder. I am in remission at the moment and doing very well at ignoring, refusing and staying away from chocolate temptations. When I have a bad craving the one thing that will shut it down pronto is seeing just how much rubbish, fat and calories is in the product I am just about to consume. Stumbling across this article this morning made me think of a few friends whom I know ARE ice-cream addicts.
I am not sure whether this 2310 calorie packed 'drink' is available in Baskin Robbins here, but I do know that they do sell ice-cream shakes. I also know that no-one in a Baskin Robbins outlet would be able to tell you about the nutritional contents or lack of and more importantly the amount of artificial CRAP inside their product! This shake detailed here has now been taken off the menu in the US but I am sure it is replaced with yet more artery blocking, calorie packing rubbish in its place!
So next time you go for that ice-cream shake...maybe you will think twice...then again maybe you will think what the F*** I will just go and run a marathon on Sunday!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Drama

Briefly: 157minutes, 900calories, 1.5litres of water, 1 can of 100PLUS and 1 power gel later and last nights turbo session really wasn't that bad.
Did I try hard enough? YES I DID. My reference over it being no drama is the fact that the time didn't drag by. It was 8sets of 15minutes (thats what I told myself). It was purely mind over matter. Quite how the increased pyramid interval treadmill run will go this morning I have no clue. The legs seem OK but I haven't asked them to start working yet...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Check your Saddle

So while I am still on a coffee break, thought I would blog this too - anything to put off packing the kitchen!
Right O. Now I thought I would have learnt my lesson from last years Desaru. Severe cramp in the groin down the whole leg that started on the bike and stayed with me on the run. OUCH. I found out that my saddle had moved. It was tilting downwards and I LIKE and NEED my saddle level. So level in fact I use a level to check it!
3 weeks ago I started getting a, lets call it - an uncomfortable cycling spot inside my groin area. I put it down to the hours in the saddle. A week later my left knee started hurting, only ever so slightly but enough for me to start worrying. (I mean Doc told me I would never get injured with my fast walk - so what was going on??)
At about the same time as the knee pain started to creep in, my right hamstring began to tighten and threaten to cramp whilst riding. I would shake it out and continue as always but it was really starting to niggle me - to the point I would then feel it on the run and in the swim.
Riding was getting really uncomfortable due to the 'spot' and I just didn't know what I could do.
UNTIL...looking at handsome George while at work one afternoon last week it suddenly hit me. THE BLOODY SADDLE! I asked SK to get the level and we checked it. Sure enough it was tilted downwards which probably meant 3-4mm difference. Doesn't sound a lot? But it is. Ask me how my ride went this weekend?
IT WAS BLOODY AWESOME! As was the swim/run brick and I even posted my quickest EVER double hill this morning, backed up by a speedy Carcosa, lake x 2 and Bukit Aman x 1 all in 90minutes - very happy.
And so ladies and gentleman the lesson to be learnt here - is CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT and check it regularly - not just before a race. And if you are suffering from some niggle here and there, don't blame your body, or your shoes, or think it is because of the run - it may very well be your beloved BIKE!

JUNK Alert!

I am moving next weekend and have been putting off packing my junk up for the past week. I can't wait to move, I just can't be arsed to pack. And I have kept telling myself - Hey! I don't have much stuff anyway - won't take more than a jiffy!
I lied. I underestimated my ability to collect stuff! OMG. 3 Hours later I have just about finished clearing out the office. For those of you who don't know I used to be an interiors writer and stylist. And as such I have A LOT - I mean A LOT of magazines which I guess you would call a portfolio of work. I never knew I had been in so many peoples houses, moved their stuff about, peeked into their lives and photographed it. Too many to count but on a guess I have probably shot more than 60 homes.
So I have accumulated all these magazines; I can't throw them away - they represent blood, sweat and toil of the laptop. I still managed to swift out a lot of other rubbish though from the copy writing and advertising days - that rubbish does not have much sentimental attachment at all - just memories of over time, no pay and no thanks!
So here I am on a break. I still have to do the kitchen - another load of books (I like to cook), pots, pans and glassware (I was a food stylist too). I think in reality the only room that will not pose much of a problem is my bedroom. I have very few clothes and I think one swift sweep of the wardrobe should just about do the trick!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Truly Inspirational

If you EVER doubted the strength of a women. If you EVER doubted YOUR strength, YOUR ability, YOUR limits. If you are one of those people who use the words "I can't" then read this story and learn what you CAN do. Courage, strength, determination and a lot of heart all driven by LOVE.
Amazing...this book is a definite on my must read list.
It's a long story, so here is an extract, please go to the link and read the complete WILL NOT be dissapointed.

The woman who ran the world: The inspirational story of the widow who conquered her grief by jogging round the globe By Amanda Cable
Rosie Swale-Pope marked her 57th birthday by donning trainers, pulling on a backpack and leaving her pretty Welsh cottage to go for a run. Five years, 20,000 miles and 53 pairs of running shoes later, she hobbled back on crutches with a fractured hip but an unbroken, and truly remarkable, spirit. During her extraordinary (some might say fool-hardy) solo round-the-world run, she was shadowed by a pack of wolves in Russia, confronted by a naked gunman in Siberia and nearly froze to death in Alaska.


Autopsy shows Steve Larsen did not die of a heart attack
By Steve Frothingham Published: May. 20, 2009
An autopsy showed that multi-sport athlete Steve Larsen likely did not die of a heart attack, his brother told VeloNews Wednesday. Mike Larsen said the autopsy ruled out a heart attack and a blood clot. The cause of death may have been viral, he said.
"The last few weeks he had been having serious troubles with his breathing," Mike Larsen said. He said his brother had been seeing a doctor about his breathing troubles and had been unable to finish his workouts. On Tuesday evening Steve Larsen collapsed during a running workout with an elite group at a Bend, Oregon, middle school track. "He was just getting started, it was the first lap of the first 800," his brother said. He said the family has asked for additional tests on his brother's heart.
Mike Larsen, an amateur bike racer, said the last time he saw his younger brother was during a weekend club training ride. "His last words to me were, 'Pull through, you expletive-expletive,'" he said with a laugh. "That's when our relationship was strongest, when we were out doing things like that."
He said the Bend community has been hit hard by his brother's death. "It's a small town and Steve knew a lot of people. With five kids in the schools, you get to know everyone." While Larsen's athletic victories are well known, his brother said his attributes as a father impressed him the most. "When you have five kids, you put yourself last on the list all the time, and he was amazing at doing that. He would get his workouts done by 6:30 a.m. so he could spend time with the kids."
The family has not completed memorial service plans, but Larsen said there would likely be an outdoor service in Bend this weekend. Details will be published on when available.
Emma Says: If you ever get a second chance at life...grasp it with both hands, take care of it and LIVE IT! Steve Larsen sadly didn't have that opportunity, but I have no doubts that he grasped life with both hands and LIVED IT!

Sad News

Retired racer Steve Larsen dies after collapsing during running workout
By Steve Frothingham Published: May. 20, 2009

Steve Larsen, probably the only professional who competed and won major races as a mountain biker, road biker and triathlete, died Tuesday evening after collapsing during a running workout.
Larsen was 39 and he and his wife Carrie Larsen have five children.
"He was doing a track workout and he collapsed. They did CPR immediately and an ambulance arrived quickly, but they weren't able to save him," his friend Michael Nyberg told VeloNews
Another friend of the family confirmed Larsen's death, saying that an autopsy is pending, but that he apparently suffered a heart attack.
Larsen began racing in the 1980s and was on the Motorola team for three years in the early 1990s, racing the Giro d'Italia and other major European events. He then moved into mountain biking, winning the NORBA National Cross-Country title in 1997 and 2000.
In 2001, he switched to triathlon, qualifying for the Ironman
in his first year in the sport, and finishing ninth at the Hawaii event. He also competed in XTerra offroad triathlons. He was reportedly the only American to compete in the world championships for road, mountain bike, track, cyclocross and triathlon. He was a member of the 1993 U.S. world road championship team that helped Lance Armstrong win his first world title.
Larsen grew up near Davis, California. For several years he operated a bike and triathlon shop there, called Steve Larsen's Wheelworks. He retired from professional racing in 2003 and opened a real estate agency in Bend, Oregon. He still competed in triathlons for fun, finishing 70th at the 2008 Ironman World Championships with a time of 9:19:25.
Emma says: Very sad news. My thoughts go out to his wife Carrie and their 5 children. Life is so precious isn't it? Embrace it with no regrets I think thats all we can try to do each and every day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playlist Recommendations

So next week I finally start 70.3 training. Thought it would be this week but Doc gave another weeks reprieve (thank YOU). Most of the stuff is staying the same-ish but the thing that may probably blow my mind (until I get used to it) is upping my turbo sessions from 60mins to 120mins!! Yes you heard me right and that is twice a week on top of two road rides.
Anyway, so far my the music and lyrics of Bowie and Queen among others have kept me going. Now I need to make a playlist for 120mins - so any recommendations on music fodder that will keep Emma's legs turning wihle she battles the pain?
Any suggestions please drop a comment - ta very much - I am going to need all the help I can get!


Thank you Disco 'smoothy' Dave. Been struggling to blog the past few days...might have a chance if I wasn't beng bamboozeled from emails left, right and centre. Oh, right, thats what happens whe you work..I forgot..been so long!
Anyway, these are rather entertaining and I am sure you will all find a time a place to use at least one of these E-Mooning symbols!! Enjoy!
:) is a smile
:( means a frown
Sometimes...these are represented by :-) :-(
How about some ASSicons?
For starters...
(_!_) a regular arse
(__!__) a fat arse
(!) a tight arse
(_*_) a sore arse
{_!_} a swishy arse
(_0_) an arse thats been around
(_x_) kiss my arse
(_X_) leave my arse alone
(_zzz_) a tried arse
(_E=m2_) a smart arse
(_$_) money coming out his arse
(_?_) a dumb arse

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lightning Bolts

I missed the NB run today, forgot about the registration until it was too late and sold out! Oh well, I dialed in my usual 90minute run and set my mind to upping the pace a bit, Mon came along and kept me company.
So last week I tried out the Bolts. The run was great, the legs felt way better than they usually do on a Sunday. But while I wanted to believe it was all down to the shoe I thought the ride the day before may have left me with more in the legs than usual, Batu Arang is a fast rolling ride - my favourite type of terrain and so what would happen if I did a hilly ride and THEN ran in the Bolts?
So yesterdays ride was Ulu Yam. My 3rd Ulu Yam in 5 weeks. I must admit I love this ride...NOW. While the hills hurt, the only way to get better is to keep doing them. And I do believe I am making some progress - it's a great feeling. And so with the ride done, afternoon swim and run in the bag I slipped on my Bolts this morning with intentions to run a hardish 90mins.
Awesome. That's all I can say. While there is some pain in the legs (the usual day to day pain from training) they are NOT heavy. Unbelievable. WHY didn't I start running in lighter shoes a long time ago? When the heavier shoes get wet, and my shoes get REALLY wet you could easily add 2pounds of weight on to your legs. Over a long distance that's a lot. So it's not that you have heavy legs from Saturday training.. .you really do have HEAVY legs.
Thanks Avia, I am liking these a lot :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


First we have a stupid cat getting getting its head stuck in a wheel. NOW it's a cute little fox cub getting it's head stuck in a jam jar of all things! How? Apparently there was something rather sweet residing in the bottom of the jar and little foxy got a little greedy.
Is there a lesson to be learnt here? "Don't go putting your nose in things that are not intended for you?" - or something to that effect.
Anyway, the good old RSPCA came to the rescue and little foxy is recuperating!

AirAsia DO NOT take note

It's common knowledge that they tax and charge you on everything in the UK. All the more reason for not going back! This latest money grabbing scheme is by a no-frills airline. EH? Yes you heard right. A no frills airline - that has NO frills and charges YOU for them. I already knew that many online airlines charge UK customers to PRINT out their own ticket. Standard charge is 10pounds (RM54) - yes crazy isn't it? Well the latest outrage has been prompted by Ryan Air, charging customers 40pounds (RM216) IF you forget to print out or bring your printed out ticket to check in!!!
What a load of B*******!! Unbelievable...never knew ink was that expensive!
OK as of time of my blogging there has been an UPDATE. Ryan Air will now only charge GBP5 (RM27) for printing out ticket at home. The 40quid fine still stands if you forget it though. HA!

Check-in is a frill, says Ryanair as passengers face £40 fine if they forget to print tickets at home
Daily Mail Reporter
Ryanair is doing away with the airport check-in desk. The ‘no-frills’ airline has decided that the administration of passengers at the airport should be classed as a frill. All travellers will have to check in online, and anyone turning up without their pre-printed check-in card from the internet will be charged a £40 ‘boarding card reissue fee’.
New obstacle: All bookings will now be on an online check-in and ‘bag-drop’ basis. From next Wednesday, all new bookings will be on an online check-in and ‘bag-drop’ basis. Ryanair plans to phase out use of check-in desks at the 146 airports it uses by October 1. The company will replace its current £10 airport check-in fee per person per flight with a £5 online check-in fee. Company spokesman Stephen McNamara said the move will enable it to drop prices by next winter. He added: 'Passengers travelling without checked-in bags have already embraced our online check-in service and the extension of this service to all passengers, including those with hold luggage and those travelling with infants, will allow all passengers to forever avoid check-in queues.
'Ryanair's web check-in service allows passenger to check-in from 15 days to four hours before, and print, or re-print, their boarding card up to 40 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.'

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clif Bars!

These babies got me through IM Langkawi, well two of them did the other fell out my back pocket on the bike - when will I learn!!!
Oh well, here I go again PLUG PLUG know where to find them...if not, you obviously have NOT been paying attention!

If you would like to be on the TBB KL mailing list and get automatically updated of the new goodies coming in and product reviews please leave me your email in the comments and I will put you in the loop!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to RIDE faster

Had a looong overdue chat with my BIG bruv today. I said I would call 3 weeks ago...what a bad sister I am! Anyway, lots to catch up on; I had not spoken with him since before Singapore70.3. After I had bored him with all my news I asked him how his training was going. He has signed up to do a Solent challenge in the UK on June 20th : He said not really training. (I guess he has yet to buy into his little sisters training methods!!) David rides most days anyway, and a bike has been his means of transportation for a very long time. He is doing the challenge with a buddy who he goes on MTB trails with. A weaker rider than David (opps should I have not said that?), he preceded to tell me how on one 30mile ride the other day his buddy had to use the ‘granny’ gears for the final hill.
I guess a few people were doing the route on this particular day and David’s ego kicked in when a Lycra clad MTB’er whizzed past. I can’t type what David said about this guy (I will get you in Lycra one day though!) but I can assure you his thoughts like that of his sister were – how dare he overtake me!! And then a girl went past his mate, seemingly breezing up the hill. What the F!!! His mate is really in trouble if even a GIRL can go past so easily!!
And then the penny dropped, the light came on; the solution presented itself in all its glory. Out for a Sunday ride of good clean exercise in the great outdoors, combating the fast food, beer guzzling obesity problem that is swallowing the nation, the girl in question was powering her way up the hill...literally...ON AN ELECTRIC BIKE!!!!;jsessionid=EF413137EF3249F6317FB80F51419D27.qscstrfrnt02?categoryId=8&productId=34
I tell you what the hell is going on. Apparently, David informed me as you go down hills the battery which is kept on the down tube or behind the saddle powers up when you go downhill so that when you go up hills you have to ermm, DO F-ALL! So what is the bloody point?? Get off the trail and go back to the sofa and eat your crisps and chocolate biscuits!! Leave the trails for those who want to exercise.
Just gotta watch out for those down tubes now though. You know the P4 has the inbuilt ‘bladder’, well me thinks it could secretly be a battery!!

Avia Bolts

Finally I had the chance to try out the Avia Bolts this morning. I have been toying with the theory of doing all my running in a racing shoe. In the past long runs for me are associated with the comfort and cushioning of numerous Asics from Kinsei, to Nimbus and Cumlus. Comfortable they are, but also rather clumpy. But when running 30 – 42k especially in an IM I chose cushion over lightness because I thought it best – I mean how much time can you really save? What difference do a light shoe and a heavy cushioned shoe REALLY make?
Well now I am testing the theory (I know everyone has told me light shoes DO make a difference) but like all things I have to try it myself before I am sold on the idea. My Asics DS trainers have been my racing shoes for 10-21k's, but even 21k in the DS leaves me with sore feet.
The Avia Blots are VERY light (7.4oz). A neutral shoe they have minimal support and little cushioning. A wider fit compared to the Asics DS – they are great for a broader foot (thats me). It’s like running in bare feet – almost. You will feel every stone you go over so try to avoid them to prevent discomfort. These days I sweat a lot (for a girl) and by the end of a long run my Nimbus would be resembling a soggy sponge and my legs very uncomfortable.
Last week I wore the DS for my 90minutes – awesome, legs felt great. Now this could be put down to having a good day, a light week of training, but since I do the same training day in day out my legs by Sunday are usually wrecked and running those hills is HARD WORK and I was already thinking ahhhh...
So with my new Bolts laced with swanky matching lock laces I did my 90min run with Mon; one more week of this before I step up to 70.3 training. The verdict: light on foot, no leg fatigue (or heavy leg syndrome), no blisters, rubbing – I actually do not have a bad word to say about them – and I am not being biased here – it’s the truth!!!
So since I have brought into the idea of training and racing on the same bike – not that I needed any convincing to ALWAYS ride George – I am now going to try and train and race in the same shoe. If it helps get me a little quicker and saves me from Sunday leg fatigue syndrome then I am all for it!
Oh and in case you didn’t know – Avia are available at the Bike Boutique! Sorry couldn’t resist the plug!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Do I look good in this?

Cats are very independent. Solitary animals they can also be rather snooty - anyone who has tried to make friends or even catch a glimpse of my cat Coco will attest to this. They think they are better than you, they think they are in charge not you in charge of them. They think they don't NEED you for anything else other than food and water. They think WE need THEM! HA!!!
So what was going through this moggies mind to get in such a pickle...I do not know..I love cats but they can be a pain in the butt! How on earth....?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TBB-KL Newsletter

Hi Guys! I have been quietly working away for TBB, there are many new things going on, one of which is a localised newsletter to inform you all of whats going on, events, new arrivals, product reviews, results, etc; ...also any news you think is relevant - just let me know and I will put it in. Anyway the first newsletter is up and on the Malaysian site link. It's not going to be just a monthly thing, the more events and news to tell - the more I have to report!! SO you can all help out by keeping me busy with ideas, news, views etc, please :) Not too busy, mind, (opps - didn't mean that Alex!)
Please click on the link to see the first edition:
Cheers! E.

All About Sausages

I was just pondering looking for a funny to blog as Disco has been letting me down recently! And then Sam emailed me this. Thanks Sam!
Shamus and Murphy fancied a pint or two but didn't have a lot of money between them, they could only raise the staggering sum of one Euro.Murphy said 'Hang on, I have an idea.' He went next door to the butcher's shop and came out with one large sausage. Shamus said 'Are you crazy? Now we don't have any money at all!' Murphy replied, 'Don't worry - just follow me.' He went into the pub where he immediately ordered two pints of Guinness and two glasses of Jamieson Whisky. Shamus said 'Now you've lost it. Do you know how much trouble we will be in? We haven't got any money!!' Murphy replied, with a smile. 'Don't worry, I have a plan , Cheers! ' They downed their Drinks. Murphy said, 'OK, I'll stick the sausage through my zipper and you go on your knees and put it in your mouth.'The barman noticed them, went berserk, and threw them out. They continued this, pub after pub, getting more and more drunk, all for free. At the tenth pub Shamus said 'Murphy - I don't think I can do any more of this. I'm drunk and me knees are killing me!' Murphy said, 'How do you think I feel? I can't even remember which pub I lost the sausage in.'

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

KLMBH Epic Bash 2009

A note from Stuart:

For anyone who is training for Xterra or just fancies stretching their legs on an extra long mountain bike ride this weekend, come along to the annual EPIC ‘bash’. The difference between this and a normal mountain bike hash is there will be no ‘checking’. Instead riders will stay on paper for a continuous 55KM course of glorious trails and mega climbs through Kampung, palm and rubber trails. The cost to non-members is RM15 and the ride will be supported with two drink stops. Although not officially a race, timings will be taken at the end. See the main website for more details.

Hope to see you there! Stuart

BIG Missteak!

What's wrong with the picture?? Even Emma, one of the world's worst spellers, can see the error. These kiddies blocks were manufactured in...well have a guess, where do you think?? The place where EVERYTHING is made these days - China! Made for Morrison's in the UK they put these toys out on their shelves - they didn't notice!!! Now I know you don't need a degree in the English language to stack shelves...BUT! Pretty funny though (well I think so). Check out the link for the full story:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Moving ON

My lease ran out at the end of March and I was pondering moving on, but could I really be arsed? There were a few things (okay, a lot of things) that were beginning to bug me in the dungeon that I have been calling home for just over the past year. Namely: Bad reception, bad plumbing, bad light, damp walls & spiders (maybe that's because I gave up cleaning some time back though!).
So anyway, despite all that, I still thought can I really be arsed??? AND THEN, the landlord came over a couple of weeks ago with some people. "nothing to worry about, just 'testing' the market" he said. Well that is all the incentive I really needed I guess. I am outta there!
Come June 1st Emma shall be living atop TBB (well not quite) but within walking distance. I have lots of windows, ample light and nice views. Not sure about reception yet, still a problem in this area apparently but bad phone reception is always a GREAT excuse not to pick up a call!! (OH CRAP - did I just say that)!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ello Charley!

Over the past few weeks I have watched in amazement as the bump has continued to grow! From one week to the next, every time I have met Julie for our morning coffee and chat I could not believe how the bump has grown. Well D-day (delivery day) finally came and Julie gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Thursday morning at 8am, by 10am she had text me with the news!! 4.08kg!!! Crikey, I was 2.2kg when born - he is a big boy!! I went down to Gleneagles this afternoon with Sam and Carmen to see her and Charley, the new little man in her life. Both mum and baby are doing well and will hopefully be going home tomorrow. Julie looks fabulous (although I know she will disagree - and I did not even ask to take HER picture!) Glowing with pride, she can't stop smiling and is also champing at the bit to slip back into her runners and bike shoes!!
At the time of our visit Dad was down at Hard Rock "wetting the babies head" - it's a hard life being a dad, eh? But when I took this photo it struck me how little Charley is the absolute spit of Mark!!
Well done girlfriend! I am very proud of you. E.

On the Road Again

I met up with Ngae on Wednesday for a roadside coconut juice and to catch up with how the man himself is getting on. Walking every day, you will have heard he aims to do the KL marathon in June (walking). He is also swimming (so long as the pool is void of obstacles and he doesn't bump into the end). I also sensed that he is yearning to get back on his bike. Hanging in his temporary home/office nearby KL Sentral, Ngae stays put most of the day except for his morning 2hour constitutional.
He is looking decidedly well and if you thought the man was focused and had a positive outlook on life BEFORE the operation, well now he is even more focused...this time on newer things.
As he spoke about his experience it sunk in just how close to death the 'experience' (which is what Ngae refers to it as) was. We know the lump wasn't cancerous - that means that in a few months once the scars and bone has healed he can get back to normal (as normal as a man who proudly dons a sarong around town, washes clothes by hand and avoids air-con like the plague) can get! Ngae loves the simple life, he is passionate about sharing his philosophies on this life and his energy radiates onto those all around him.
He says he is right as rain, the doctors I think see him as something of a miracle man due to the fact he "bounced" back so quickly. After a 4hour life and death brain op he wakes up in ICU and has to be MOVED because he can't stop talking!! Head swaddled in bandages, oxygen mask on, drips, tubes, you name it...was not going to stop the man talking!!
So back to the Operation. I knew it was critical. But listening to Ngae explain it so matter-of-factly blew my mind. The day before he went in he spent time at his office clearing files and organising things - in case he did not wake up! There was a HUGE HUGE possibility this could happen. Another doctor had asked him not to do the op, it was too dangerous. What the hell do you say to your loved ones, friends and family before you go for an operation of such magnitude?? I have no clue. And I was a little shy to ask out right what Ngae did say before they wheeled him in.
I can only imagine knowing the character he is, that it would have been heartfelt and of course POSITIVE.
Great to have you back, looking good and on the road again.
Next stop...Putrajaya 70.3 in July? He has spoken of it and I would be pleased as punch to see you there!