Thursday, May 21, 2009


Autopsy shows Steve Larsen did not die of a heart attack
By Steve Frothingham Published: May. 20, 2009
An autopsy showed that multi-sport athlete Steve Larsen likely did not die of a heart attack, his brother told VeloNews Wednesday. Mike Larsen said the autopsy ruled out a heart attack and a blood clot. The cause of death may have been viral, he said.
"The last few weeks he had been having serious troubles with his breathing," Mike Larsen said. He said his brother had been seeing a doctor about his breathing troubles and had been unable to finish his workouts. On Tuesday evening Steve Larsen collapsed during a running workout with an elite group at a Bend, Oregon, middle school track. "He was just getting started, it was the first lap of the first 800," his brother said. He said the family has asked for additional tests on his brother's heart.
Mike Larsen, an amateur bike racer, said the last time he saw his younger brother was during a weekend club training ride. "His last words to me were, 'Pull through, you expletive-expletive,'" he said with a laugh. "That's when our relationship was strongest, when we were out doing things like that."
He said the Bend community has been hit hard by his brother's death. "It's a small town and Steve knew a lot of people. With five kids in the schools, you get to know everyone." While Larsen's athletic victories are well known, his brother said his attributes as a father impressed him the most. "When you have five kids, you put yourself last on the list all the time, and he was amazing at doing that. He would get his workouts done by 6:30 a.m. so he could spend time with the kids."
The family has not completed memorial service plans, but Larsen said there would likely be an outdoor service in Bend this weekend. Details will be published on when available.
Emma Says: If you ever get a second chance at life...grasp it with both hands, take care of it and LIVE IT! Steve Larsen sadly didn't have that opportunity, but I have no doubts that he grasped life with both hands and LIVED IT!

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