Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thank you Disco 'smoothy' Dave. Been struggling to blog the past few days...might have a chance if I wasn't beng bamboozeled from emails left, right and centre. Oh, right, thats what happens whe you work..I forgot..been so long!
Anyway, these are rather entertaining and I am sure you will all find a time a place to use at least one of these E-Mooning symbols!! Enjoy!
:) is a smile
:( means a frown
Sometimes...these are represented by :-) :-(
How about some ASSicons?
For starters...
(_!_) a regular arse
(__!__) a fat arse
(!) a tight arse
(_*_) a sore arse
{_!_} a swishy arse
(_0_) an arse thats been around
(_x_) kiss my arse
(_X_) leave my arse alone
(_zzz_) a tried arse
(_E=m2_) a smart arse
(_$_) money coming out his arse
(_?_) a dumb arse

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