Monday, May 4, 2009

Moving ON

My lease ran out at the end of March and I was pondering moving on, but could I really be arsed? There were a few things (okay, a lot of things) that were beginning to bug me in the dungeon that I have been calling home for just over the past year. Namely: Bad reception, bad plumbing, bad light, damp walls & spiders (maybe that's because I gave up cleaning some time back though!).
So anyway, despite all that, I still thought can I really be arsed??? AND THEN, the landlord came over a couple of weeks ago with some people. "nothing to worry about, just 'testing' the market" he said. Well that is all the incentive I really needed I guess. I am outta there!
Come June 1st Emma shall be living atop TBB (well not quite) but within walking distance. I have lots of windows, ample light and nice views. Not sure about reception yet, still a problem in this area apparently but bad phone reception is always a GREAT excuse not to pick up a call!! (OH CRAP - did I just say that)!!!

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