Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lightning Bolts

I missed the NB run today, forgot about the registration until it was too late and sold out! Oh well, I dialed in my usual 90minute run and set my mind to upping the pace a bit, Mon came along and kept me company.
So last week I tried out the Bolts. The run was great, the legs felt way better than they usually do on a Sunday. But while I wanted to believe it was all down to the shoe I thought the ride the day before may have left me with more in the legs than usual, Batu Arang is a fast rolling ride - my favourite type of terrain and so what would happen if I did a hilly ride and THEN ran in the Bolts?
So yesterdays ride was Ulu Yam. My 3rd Ulu Yam in 5 weeks. I must admit I love this ride...NOW. While the hills hurt, the only way to get better is to keep doing them. And I do believe I am making some progress - it's a great feeling. And so with the ride done, afternoon swim and run in the bag I slipped on my Bolts this morning with intentions to run a hardish 90mins.
Awesome. That's all I can say. While there is some pain in the legs (the usual day to day pain from training) they are NOT heavy. Unbelievable. WHY didn't I start running in lighter shoes a long time ago? When the heavier shoes get wet, and my shoes get REALLY wet you could easily add 2pounds of weight on to your legs. Over a long distance that's a lot. So it's not that you have heavy legs from Saturday training.. .you really do have HEAVY legs.
Thanks Avia, I am liking these a lot :)

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