Thursday, May 14, 2009

AirAsia DO NOT take note

It's common knowledge that they tax and charge you on everything in the UK. All the more reason for not going back! This latest money grabbing scheme is by a no-frills airline. EH? Yes you heard right. A no frills airline - that has NO frills and charges YOU for them. I already knew that many online airlines charge UK customers to PRINT out their own ticket. Standard charge is 10pounds (RM54) - yes crazy isn't it? Well the latest outrage has been prompted by Ryan Air, charging customers 40pounds (RM216) IF you forget to print out or bring your printed out ticket to check in!!!
What a load of B*******!! Unbelievable...never knew ink was that expensive!
OK as of time of my blogging there has been an UPDATE. Ryan Air will now only charge GBP5 (RM27) for printing out ticket at home. The 40quid fine still stands if you forget it though. HA!

Check-in is a frill, says Ryanair as passengers face £40 fine if they forget to print tickets at home
Daily Mail Reporter
Ryanair is doing away with the airport check-in desk. The ‘no-frills’ airline has decided that the administration of passengers at the airport should be classed as a frill. All travellers will have to check in online, and anyone turning up without their pre-printed check-in card from the internet will be charged a £40 ‘boarding card reissue fee’.
New obstacle: All bookings will now be on an online check-in and ‘bag-drop’ basis. From next Wednesday, all new bookings will be on an online check-in and ‘bag-drop’ basis. Ryanair plans to phase out use of check-in desks at the 146 airports it uses by October 1. The company will replace its current £10 airport check-in fee per person per flight with a £5 online check-in fee. Company spokesman Stephen McNamara said the move will enable it to drop prices by next winter. He added: 'Passengers travelling without checked-in bags have already embraced our online check-in service and the extension of this service to all passengers, including those with hold luggage and those travelling with infants, will allow all passengers to forever avoid check-in queues.
'Ryanair's web check-in service allows passenger to check-in from 15 days to four hours before, and print, or re-print, their boarding card up to 40 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.'

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David said...

Hi Sis,

A few weeks ago Ryan air also introduced a "FAT TAX" meaning if you are over weight and you touch both armrests you pay more!

They also charge you £1 to use the loo!

You can take hand lugage for free but a case will cost £5!

Hopefully Air Asia dont read your blog or they may get some ideas!

Take Care
Ya Bruv xx