Sunday, May 24, 2009

Check your Saddle

So while I am still on a coffee break, thought I would blog this too - anything to put off packing the kitchen!
Right O. Now I thought I would have learnt my lesson from last years Desaru. Severe cramp in the groin down the whole leg that started on the bike and stayed with me on the run. OUCH. I found out that my saddle had moved. It was tilting downwards and I LIKE and NEED my saddle level. So level in fact I use a level to check it!
3 weeks ago I started getting a, lets call it - an uncomfortable cycling spot inside my groin area. I put it down to the hours in the saddle. A week later my left knee started hurting, only ever so slightly but enough for me to start worrying. (I mean Doc told me I would never get injured with my fast walk - so what was going on??)
At about the same time as the knee pain started to creep in, my right hamstring began to tighten and threaten to cramp whilst riding. I would shake it out and continue as always but it was really starting to niggle me - to the point I would then feel it on the run and in the swim.
Riding was getting really uncomfortable due to the 'spot' and I just didn't know what I could do.
UNTIL...looking at handsome George while at work one afternoon last week it suddenly hit me. THE BLOODY SADDLE! I asked SK to get the level and we checked it. Sure enough it was tilted downwards which probably meant 3-4mm difference. Doesn't sound a lot? But it is. Ask me how my ride went this weekend?
IT WAS BLOODY AWESOME! As was the swim/run brick and I even posted my quickest EVER double hill this morning, backed up by a speedy Carcosa, lake x 2 and Bukit Aman x 1 all in 90minutes - very happy.
And so ladies and gentleman the lesson to be learnt here - is CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT and check it regularly - not just before a race. And if you are suffering from some niggle here and there, don't blame your body, or your shoes, or think it is because of the run - it may very well be your beloved BIKE!

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