Friday, May 8, 2009

Do I look good in this?

Cats are very independent. Solitary animals they can also be rather snooty - anyone who has tried to make friends or even catch a glimpse of my cat Coco will attest to this. They think they are better than you, they think they are in charge not you in charge of them. They think they don't NEED you for anything else other than food and water. They think WE need THEM! HA!!!
So what was going through this moggies mind to get in such a pickle...I do not know..I love cats but they can be a pain in the butt! How on earth....?


plee said...

Kitty Copperfield?? Escape artist at work

Anonymous said...

Emma, d animal pics u uploaded are all pretty scary ! stuck in d jar, now in the wheels?! scarryy !!