Friday, May 1, 2009

Ello Charley!

Over the past few weeks I have watched in amazement as the bump has continued to grow! From one week to the next, every time I have met Julie for our morning coffee and chat I could not believe how the bump has grown. Well D-day (delivery day) finally came and Julie gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Thursday morning at 8am, by 10am she had text me with the news!! 4.08kg!!! Crikey, I was 2.2kg when born - he is a big boy!! I went down to Gleneagles this afternoon with Sam and Carmen to see her and Charley, the new little man in her life. Both mum and baby are doing well and will hopefully be going home tomorrow. Julie looks fabulous (although I know she will disagree - and I did not even ask to take HER picture!) Glowing with pride, she can't stop smiling and is also champing at the bit to slip back into her runners and bike shoes!!
At the time of our visit Dad was down at Hard Rock "wetting the babies head" - it's a hard life being a dad, eh? But when I took this photo it struck me how little Charley is the absolute spit of Mark!!
Well done girlfriend! I am very proud of you. E.

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plee said...

All bundled up and not a care in the world! Welcome Charley and Congratulations Julie ( to yr hubby too)!!