Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monster Weekend

Mad, crazy...knackered! I switched training round this weekend as I moved out of the dungeon into a place where there is peace, quiet, light and views...oh and telephone reception - bah humbug no more excuses not to pick up!
So, up at 5am Saturday to do my first long run since January. This was a 120min run. Went back to front from Petronas to Bukit Aman and tagged on bits to make up the time. It was a busy Saturday...lots of runners out so I didn't feel too alone. Disco was out there (as I had coerced him into loaning out his brawn with my moving later), Bee was out (she was riding with me today, Thank You), Keat Seong, Bobby, loads of people pounding the streets in preparation I guess for KL.
Keat Seong had the cheek to ask if I was doing 40k's!!! Nope. none of that for a good few months...actually Feb 23rd 2010 will be the next time I run 40k! Run felt pretty ok, been having some tweaks which I have put down to the discovery of some new cycling muscles that are starting to appear and they are making themselves known by giving me some pain...small price to pay I guess for more power. To sum up it was the quickest I have ever done the run in...not lighting quick but fast and comfortable enough to know the run IS improving.
The rest of a day went by in a haze of boxes, sweat, dust and mess.
Went to bed, body throbbing from the run and having been on my feet all day. Woke up and thought - I must be mad to ride - I am just absolutly buggered. I lay there contemplating calling Bee when me inner Demon/Angel/Crazy head know you will feel awful if you don't ride. What ya gonna do? Walk around the house peaking in the boxes? Can't use the power drill it's get your lazy arse out of bed and GO RIDE!
Boy am I glad I did. Bee and I met Disco at mega mall and we set off to Salak. Half way along the LDP I suggested going to KLIA downtown. Having never done that ride before: Dave had a hangover, Bee ran 30k on Saturday and I was just pooped. Loved it! My pooped self evaporated and I lay down the rubber and off we went.
The best part of the ride came after brekkie. Went round to the mini mart to top on liquids and I noticed these cool stickers (well I think they are cool). Doesn't take much to make Emma happy - 70sen to be exact (so boys I am a cheap date!!!). Check out the sticker though - this had to go on George - LOVE IT.
Got home 127k in the bag and then posted my swim and run. Dehydrated, sore and 1.5kg lighter - next weekend we are in Xterra so no bike for me :(


sofiantriathlete said...

Oh No, I only have 50sens

Emma said...

Sorry Sofian...Emma ain't THAT cheap :)

sofiantriathlete said...

have a nice day

Keat Seong said...

i will bike on ur behalf this coming weekend :P