Sunday, May 10, 2009

Avia Bolts

Finally I had the chance to try out the Avia Bolts this morning. I have been toying with the theory of doing all my running in a racing shoe. In the past long runs for me are associated with the comfort and cushioning of numerous Asics from Kinsei, to Nimbus and Cumlus. Comfortable they are, but also rather clumpy. But when running 30 – 42k especially in an IM I chose cushion over lightness because I thought it best – I mean how much time can you really save? What difference do a light shoe and a heavy cushioned shoe REALLY make?
Well now I am testing the theory (I know everyone has told me light shoes DO make a difference) but like all things I have to try it myself before I am sold on the idea. My Asics DS trainers have been my racing shoes for 10-21k's, but even 21k in the DS leaves me with sore feet.
The Avia Blots are VERY light (7.4oz). A neutral shoe they have minimal support and little cushioning. A wider fit compared to the Asics DS – they are great for a broader foot (thats me). It’s like running in bare feet – almost. You will feel every stone you go over so try to avoid them to prevent discomfort. These days I sweat a lot (for a girl) and by the end of a long run my Nimbus would be resembling a soggy sponge and my legs very uncomfortable.
Last week I wore the DS for my 90minutes – awesome, legs felt great. Now this could be put down to having a good day, a light week of training, but since I do the same training day in day out my legs by Sunday are usually wrecked and running those hills is HARD WORK and I was already thinking ahhhh...
So with my new Bolts laced with swanky matching lock laces I did my 90min run with Mon; one more week of this before I step up to 70.3 training. The verdict: light on foot, no leg fatigue (or heavy leg syndrome), no blisters, rubbing – I actually do not have a bad word to say about them – and I am not being biased here – it’s the truth!!!
So since I have brought into the idea of training and racing on the same bike – not that I needed any convincing to ALWAYS ride George – I am now going to try and train and race in the same shoe. If it helps get me a little quicker and saves me from Sunday leg fatigue syndrome then I am all for it!
Oh and in case you didn’t know – Avia are available at the Bike Boutique! Sorry couldn’t resist the plug!!


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Julie said...

Well i didnt want a pair but now ive seen them i want some ha