Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's not a new phrase but one that I am going to use more frequently to describe my bodily state. With 6weeks of OD base training behind me I have stepped up to half Iron training. Little of (or a lot) depending on how you look at it, increases here and there. Yesterday (Wednesday) is living up to it's buggery status and my legs are now back to the "please stay in bed and don't move" state.
I am not complaining at all. Never would I dream of that. Just relaying the daily trials and tribulations that are now harder to juggle with the considerate increase in work commitments. Loving the work, but come 6pm I am looking a little - NOPE a lot frazzled round the edges!
So the 3hour bike yesterday, totally took it out of me. Difficult to get the heart rate up when the legs are saying ouch, ouch, ouch. Got home just before 8am and set about the 45minute run. Now I have permission to do this "as I feel". Feeling good. HAMMER IT. Feeling like crap...well I just went out and did it. Thinking I was running ever so slowly when I passed a mental kilometer marker I glanced at my watch and thought? Eh? This FEELS slow, but it ain't half bad.
I then had an light bulb moment of sorts 25minutes in. I do all my good thinking whilst running. No need for music, just me and the road and conversations in my head. I asked myself, how come I am doing this? No one MADE me get up this morning. No one MADE me lace up my shoes and run. No one will KNOW if I cut it short or don't do it. So WHY am I doing this??
Oh I know. This is MY LIFE. I enjoy feeling alive, when I feel pain I know I am alive. When I can chat whilst running I know I can go harder. It is a lifestyle. It is a dream. I have goals and one by one I am moving towards reaching them...I am impatient yes I want it all NOW. But I am learning these things do take time.

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