Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to RIDE faster

Had a looong overdue chat with my BIG bruv today. I said I would call 3 weeks ago...what a bad sister I am! Anyway, lots to catch up on; I had not spoken with him since before Singapore70.3. After I had bored him with all my news I asked him how his training was going. He has signed up to do a Solent challenge in the UK on June 20th : He said not really training. (I guess he has yet to buy into his little sisters training methods!!) David rides most days anyway, and a bike has been his means of transportation for a very long time. He is doing the challenge with a buddy who he goes on MTB trails with. A weaker rider than David (opps should I have not said that?), he preceded to tell me how on one 30mile ride the other day his buddy had to use the ‘granny’ gears for the final hill.
I guess a few people were doing the route on this particular day and David’s ego kicked in when a Lycra clad MTB’er whizzed past. I can’t type what David said about this guy (I will get you in Lycra one day though!) but I can assure you his thoughts like that of his sister were – how dare he overtake me!! And then a girl went past his mate, seemingly breezing up the hill. What the F!!! His mate is really in trouble if even a GIRL can go past so easily!!
And then the penny dropped, the light came on; the solution presented itself in all its glory. Out for a Sunday ride of good clean exercise in the great outdoors, combating the fast food, beer guzzling obesity problem that is swallowing the nation, the girl in question was powering her way up the hill...literally...ON AN ELECTRIC BIKE!!!!;jsessionid=EF413137EF3249F6317FB80F51419D27.qscstrfrnt02?categoryId=8&productId=34
I tell you what the hell is going on. Apparently, David informed me as you go down hills the battery which is kept on the down tube or behind the saddle powers up when you go downhill so that when you go up hills you have to ermm, DO F-ALL! So what is the bloody point?? Get off the trail and go back to the sofa and eat your crisps and chocolate biscuits!! Leave the trails for those who want to exercise.
Just gotta watch out for those down tubes now though. You know the P4 has the inbuilt ‘bladder’, well me thinks it could secretly be a battery!!


Anonymous said...

What does "Opps" mean? I see it a lot in your posts - I'm wandering whether you mean "Oops"????

Emma said...

Hmmmn, who are you anonymous?? Just in case you are not taking the P...
maybe it should be spelt oops! not sure but it basically it is an abreviated term that means maybe I should NOT have said/done that!!

plee said...

Battery packs normally weigh as much as (if not more) than the bikes...then there's the drive motor's weight etc...... why bother cycling at all!!