Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turbo Night

November 10th is Turbo Night @ TBB KL. Working with Athletes Circle KL you can come along for a 30min heartrate test to see How Hard You Should Be Training...or NOT!! We have slots for a maximum of 35-40pax, 23slots already taken so if you want to join drop me a comment or email and let me know which time slot you want to attend.
It is FREE!
You can also win a FREE Polar Cycle Computer in the lucky Draw & a TBB Jersey!!
Please click on the poster for clearer details.

My poor feet :(

I am now proud owner of the New Avia Bolts. The new design has a little extra cushion in the heel - perfect for my heel to toe strike. A little heavier than the original Bolt it is not deadly flat, the pay off is a tiny little extra bit of weight for the additional comfort. Colours...cannot complain how cool are they...not in store...YET..coming soon!
So to my poor feet. Saturday night I donned a pair of heels for perhaps the first time in a year. (My job does not require the wearing of 4inch heels to work believe it or not!) Boss said to me "no slippers, no shorts". So aiming to please I wore heels. They came off as soon as I stepped foot in the club and NEVER went back on. They USED to be okay to walk in but I guess my poor little feet have become rather sensitive to small shoes as opposed to comfy slippers or Avia shoes :)
The next day I went for a run along East Coast park in my new Bolts. LOVED them, I was in some discomfort from the night before but they feel good and I think we are going to get along real well.
However the blisters had already formed and I have a particularly nasty one on my joint. It burst and is red raw. I had to do an interval session on the treadmill this morning. A HARD lung busting effort. It hurt to walk in my Avi-Lite II's despite having taped my feet up. I thought about not doing the session. And then I slapped myself silly. WTF...it's just a blister...whats a little pain right?? So I ran and all was good, uncomfortable but good.
Am I going to be wearing my heels anytime soon?? Not on your NELLY! Sorry I shall remain short.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drowning...in a sea of paperwork

I have a few free mini's. Well actually I have none, but sod it. I despise. No. I detest paperwork. Me and paperwork, numbers, accounts, invoices you name we do not get along. BUT, you gotta do what ya gotta do to pay the bills.

I am in my last month of juggling two jobs. I will still have to do job #1 that will be moved to job#2 status as of November for a couple hours a week (need to pay car installments see?).

I am also preparing for a weekend of meetings in TBB Singapore - this is somewhat stressful but work I ENJOY...so the stress factor never really gets to me.
But when I received a message from the accountant of job #1 soon to be #2 that he requires all the paperwork for year end I gulped. I try to keep things in order, but I am not just putting together a year of files for one company. OH NO NO NO, that would be too easy. And it is not two companies either as that would just be plain lazy. NO EMMA has to collect and gather crap she doesn't understand for 3 companies!!!! Woop-de-frigging-woop!
Bahhhhh HUMBUG :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cat Betrayed his Girlfriend

SIMPLY LOVE THIS :) Thanks Lynn!

Friday, October 16, 2009

'O'h 'D'ear training

So I dropped a wee little mail to coach this am before dunking myself in the pool. Mentioned that I was getting back up to speed, was patient last week easing back into the groove and also threw out there that I have three races left this year, one which I want to do REALLY well in and target. I also mentioned that IMMY is now bobbing around in my subconsciousness. I am starting to think about the day. I am NOT, I said, I am not, getting obsessed about it this time though - you will be pleased to know...I said! Hmmmmn...
After my swim, checked mail....I am used to the short replies and believe I know that thinking too far ahead does not go down well...rather it serves for a gruff telling off.
I have been training at 1/2 iron distance (read: 20hour weeks) since May. So I figured carry on with this until after Phuket. THATS what I thought. I am pretty pooped today, I feel great after training but the endorphin highs are getting shorter and shorter, the desire to close ones eyes whilst driving, standing waiting for a lift, sitting having a cup of coffee or dare I say it...ahem, working is getting stronger and harder to resist. So you could say I was rather elated on hearing the response of:
Its oct
You need to work on other stuff harder if you worrying on that
Just day by day .
Is the key
I would drop back to
Olympic for the rest of this month
Then up to 1/2 for november

SO I am now officially on HOLIDAY. I am going to have extra energy, be killing my swim sets and spending a little less time running and biking. Lovely Jubley. And it couldn't have come at a better time too because I am off again to Singapore next weekend...Mmmm wonder if they have any more of them marshmallows???
Then again 5less hours per week means I better curtail the eating habits!! OH SHIT, there is ALWAYS a downside...bugger!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SEX for sale

OK, ok...not quite what you may think...call it artistic license :)
Shazly is selling his bike...she is quite a looker. Full bike is going for RM15k ONO so get you negotiation hat on. Size 54" the babe is in TBB for you to come touch and feel...ahem...apologies for my crass humour - it is me after all!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Inspirations

It has been an inspiring weekend for me. And it had nothing to do with the IM World Champs going on in Kona, Hawaii. No, the inspirations this weekend were much closer to home. As I was sitting on the turbo this evening...yawning my head off not really wanting to be there I started thinking of these people. I had a great weekend, hectic and tiring but inspirational with some small personal achievements along the way.
It started on Saturday during my ride. The ride was kind of doomed from the outset but I got it done thanks to my Good Samaritan (another story). The route was up to Perez and back that Gadget Girl informed me was circa 126k from TBB. Since Perez doesn’t allow me to yet maintain a 30k avg going up (haha) I figured I may be notching over my 4hour time allowance. Not to worry though, I had not ridden Perez since January and was looking forward to see how much I could knock off the personal best.
The ride was my small achievement this weekend. I got a PB up the hill by almost 2minutes and also managed to finish my ride in 3:48min. Taking just 1hr:48min from the top of Perez back to TBB. But that achievement is small in comparison with what else was going on around me.
Saturday Morning Inspiration #1
On my way out to Ulu Langat there were the usual masses of riders pedalling the popular scenic route. One rider however stood out. Riding a MTB, as I passed I noticed he was an amputee (I don’t know his name so let’s call him Bill. Am sure you will correct me) just below his knee. I smiled, nodded and then smiled to myself after I had passed. This is what I LOVE. People just going out there, no complaints and not letting anything stop them. But that wasn’t the end of Bill. Oh no. After I had completed Perez and was whizzing back down, there was Bill riding up!! Amazing stuff.
Saturday Afternoon Inspiration #2
Did my usual pacing swim and then laced up for my pyramid brick. It is short. But it is painful if you give it your best. My house guest came along to and pledged to try and keep up. Humph, I thought. Am going to try and drop you!!! Couldn’t do it, he stuck right behind all the way. Awesome job Joel. I know it wasn’t easy and to make your victory sweeter that was the furthest I have covered in the time allowed EVER. Sometimes good to have someone on your shoulder! He does nowhere near the training I do but still gritted through it.
Sunday Morning Inspiration #3
Usual Sunday morning run. Departing the car park a little later than usual, as we are running up past the KTM station I see someone who looks like Sofian. But this guy is moving pretty quick. Can’t be Sofian, can it? I run and catch up and it IS him. I ask him what the hell he had for his dinner the previous evening because he was looking so damn strong. And let’s not forget post 70.3 last week I saw him walking/hobbling around. Amazing recovery and also I read this was a Sunday of PB’s for you too, great job!!
Sunday Morning Run Inspiration #4
So on the way back from Sri Hartamas I was running with my house guest and asked him if he would like to take a different route (via double hill on the return). He asked if it was longer. Nope I said, harder but not really longer. It is nice and scenic I say though and called the double hill. Let’s follow the others he says. And so on that note I turn right up to double hill and he has to follow!
Joel has not run 21k on the flats let alone on hills since IM 70.3 Philippines. No complaints he had an awesome run and just pulled it out the bag. Amazing job and yes so you are a little sore today...that is to be expected I would be extremely pissed if you were not!
Sunday Morning Inspiration #’s 5 & 6
As we started the first of the 2 main hills I saw Kharis and Mai Senn walking up. Two people who stick at it and have awesome inner strength and are wonderful to speak with I stopped, let Joel enjoy a breakaway and chatted with them. I hardly ever see these guys on my runs and if I had not on a whim turned into the double hills would not have had the pleasure of seeing them this Sunday. Kharis did his first tri at PD this year (read about his story in the new TBB newsletter). And Mai Senn is a tower of strength and one gutsy chick. Badly cut her foot in Langkawi she finished the Ironman. And once again the other week completes Putrajaya through pain and grimaces from another injury. They were having another tough day training on Sunday morning but that didn’t stop them beaming with smiles.
Sunday mornings hurt me. Physically they hurt, I cough and splutter and never find ANY of it EASY. BUT I love Sunday mornings. I get such a high sharing the same roads with so many likeminded people I am proud to call my friends.
Thank YOU for being my inspirations guys.

TBB Global Newsletter

The TBB monthly newsletter has now gone global. Our new look newsletter features news and links to each store with race reports and stories from your favourite bike boutique as well as stories from contributors. Find out what is going on in other TBB stores, the latest promotions and the latest happenings inside teamTBB.
If you have an interesting story to tell, it could be a race report, inspirational ride or run that you want to share then please email your stories to me with pictures of course for consideration in the next newsletter.
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Kona 2009

So Chrissie won again. And so did Crowie. Who is surprised?? Not I. Who is surprised she smashed the course record? Not I. Well done Chrissie! An outstanding athlete she just keeps going from strength to strength. So she did not lead out the swim...we can't be supreme in all disciplines though. Can we? The only female with a sub 5 hour bike time 4:52 in strong headwinds and heat. But luckily no side winds this year...so I was informed. And a 3:03 marathon sealed the deal. Not sure what else to say, except I can't wait to be on the same course as her next year. So I won't be on the same loop or ever in the same league, but to share the water, and tarmac with the worlds best as well as hundreds of others will be amazing.
My Langkawi head is now starting to kick into gear...a little more work before I notch it up but I would be lying if I said I was not already thinking of that date.
FINALLY HUGE Congratulations to my friends who raced this weekend in Kona, in no particular order, Carmen, Paul, Minsok, Charlotte, Bree, Gina, Kristian, Darren & Fred...now enjoy the downtime - :-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Snaps

It has been said on more than one occassion that I write too much and post to few pictures. SO, thanks to Bliss here are some pictures with little or no text...they are all of me though, and I am sober...you don't have to look :)
Post race the Bean with the Bishop...thanks for waiting :)
Taken with Bliss, by Minsok before embarking on my 2.2++ k swim :)

Bike check-in at Putrajaya 70.3. Just check out that smile on my face...relaxed or what!!!

Post track session run in Singapore with Hanah. Proof that I don't eat SHIT all the time. I always try to start the day with the right food. My good intentions kinda go to pot though as the witching hour approaches!

Guts or Balls

I thought this rather entertaining :)
We've all heard about people having guts or balls, but do you really know the difference between them?
In an effort to keep you informed, the definitions are listed below:
GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: ''Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?''
BALLS - Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the balls to say: ''You're next, fatty."
I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions.
Medically speaking, there is no difference in the outcome, since both ultimately result in death.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kona Blues

Forgive me if I am not too excited about the Ironman World Championships this Saturday. It is still and remains my goal and one I feel that is mine for the taking at one of 4 races I have earmarked to qualify in next year.
No, the reason I am not really doing cartwheels is because as you may have heard Wong, my work mate and friend has been denied his US Visa! His wife and child were approved yet he was not! I had a chat with him earlier and he seems in pretty good spirits despite what must be a bitter bitter disappointment. If it were me - there would be heads rolling - literally!
So hopefully the Visa will come through and while it is too late for this year...he has already moved focus to qualifying again next year in Langkawi. We have made a pact that next year we will go together :)
As for the rest of the year, he does not want to put his hard training to waste and as such has decided to race Bussleton, WA. It seems however accommodation is rather booked up. If anyone knows of available accommodation please drop me a comment or contact Wong.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Race Report Putrajaya 70.3

For most probably the first time ever I don’t know what to write. But before you start thanking me for being brief; this just means I am going to probably end up writing a rather long intro. And, here we go...

Putrajaya 70.3 was my 8th triathlon race this year. It was my 4th half ironman. Originally intended to be a triple ‘A’ race, I moved the goalposts after the postponement of Putrajaya in July. Cobra 70.3, Philippines then became the target and that was the last time I felt ready for a race. Since returning from Camsur, life, work and training has been topsy turvy. I have managed to keep a balance but after now just over one year of day in day out training with probably less than a handful of days off exhaustion both physical and mental has been coming on stronger and stronger.
Never the less I love to race. I want to win. I train hard and racing healthy and strong is my reward. And while I was not ‘Emma ready’ I knew racing a half iron is not a problem. The only problem is how well can I race. I want to race my best but knew it wasn’t there...to try and explain, I felt flat (and we know I am not talking about my tummy!)
In my short time in this sport I have learnt a lot. My depth of knowledge on and around the sport and training has grown as has my ability. Making at times huge leaps and bounds; PB’s is all nice but it gets harder, the margin get less and with this comes the mental toughness required to overcome disappointments, bad swims, poor legs etc.
I never had a chance to get nervous before race day. I was too busy to even think of the race. I was just going to wing it, pretty much like I did in Singapore earlier in the year...
If anything I wanted from this race day, it was to enjoy it. And to support everyone else who had turned up to support the event.
Swim: The swim was explained as a straight out and back. I am still asking myself why I didn’t hop onto someone’s draft, (Sofian). This would have made my life and day so much easier. But I didn’t. I can now admit that the swim scares the hell out of me. I have never admitted this before. It is not that I hate it. I don’t. I dearly want to be good at it. It just scares me and this is pretty difficult to get over...but I have not given up and will keep persisting until it comes good.
So, the swim. Actually I felt it was okay. But this time around my sighting was out rather a lot. I ended up swimming out to a 250m marker on the return only to get there and see it was wrong and I was Waaaaay off course!! Opps. Had a little shout at myself..silly bitch I think comes to mind, and then started zigzagging back.
Time: 46min Bike: And so onto the bike. After the swim I knew I was playing catch-up with a few girls. The first loop my legs did not want to work read: lactic, heavy and not in the groove. ON the first lap there was little wind, I stayed aero, ignored any discomfort and tried to keep a good tempo. Laps 2 and 3 the wind picked up and I felt my bike at times being shunted across the road. I took water only on the first station. The second station was positioned nicely on the crest of a hill. No way was I going to lose free speed by stopping for water. Weather was cool, and I needed to pee so I figured all was good. It was an uneventful lonely kind of bike. I believe I went into first place on the bike as I don’t remember passing Ani from the Philippines. How I missed her pink suit and matching bright pink Ceepo I do not know, but Daniel informed me I had just passed her. You could say I was focused!!
Time: 2:31
Run: Pretty uneventful. Came off the bike with Iwata, he then swiftly dropped me, the speedy man. Great to see him there though and he said it was his last race in Malaysia. We have all heard that before, but this time it really was his last race. I tried to enjoy the run as much as possible, and once I had done my pee (yes I peed on the run). I have discovered it is SO much easier peeing on the run rather than the bike!! I wanted to jog with some friends I saw going round, that’s what my heart wanted. But then my head told me someone is running you down. At the first loop I had a 14min cushion, then it stretched to 18min. But then I saw a couple of girls on the second u-turn and didn’t know if it was their 1st or 2nd loop. They looked comfortable so I chased. Once I knew it was in the bag so to speak, I started to smile more, chat, say hi to everyone...yes I know, unusual, rare, call it what you want...Emma relaxed – was my slowest of the year so far (and it was COOL) I know when it matters most I WILL go quicker.
Time: 1:46
Total time: 5:07...not my best, but a good effort on a not so good day. I take positives from the swim because I know I swam at least 300m extra. I need to learn how to sight better, swim in a straight line, or just not be so egotistical and draft someone!!
Bike: I felt on a good day I would have had more to give. Strong but not firing, my bike split, 4th quickest of the day amongst ALL girls – can’t be too bad - I am HAPPY with that. The winner Rachael Paxton did a 2:25 which is the time I predicted beforehand to Bean of what the top girl would do. YES I think I can do that too on a good day!!! But no need for Rachael to worry she swims like a fish and runs like the wind. And it was her 1st 70.3 - fantastic result!
Run: Subconsciously I knew it was in the bag and did not hurt myself. On the bike I do not need any motivation; head down and focus. On the run however I am used to chasing and run better with a carrot out there ahead. Having said that it is nice to run out in front and enjoy the moment and be able to say thank you to everyone who is cheering you on.
And so...I have 3 races left this year. One dry race (Powerman), one Oh Dear race (Miri) and one triple ‘A’ Laguna Phuket. AND then ladies and gentleman...the real work starts! Thank you for all your support, to Razlan who I think has been one of my biggest supporters since I started. In my first race he called me 'girl' as in April 2008 no one knew who Emma Bishop was. Well he knows my name now and I love to hear it called!! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, Lynn, Tey, Mich, Andy, to name a few. Thank you to my 'boys' from TBB KL who provided the bike support and made sure George was race ready if Emma was not - he did not let me down:) And congratulations to everyone who took part in a race that was touch and go there for a while. And while it was not a spectacle, lets looks at the positives. The venue is outstanding. The hotel, amazing. Not perhaps a spectator friendly bike course there are plenty of places for people to support on the swim and run. Putrajaya in my books is a party waiting to happen...let’s keep our fingers crossed that it happens next year and puts itself down as one of THE must-do events!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Politically Correct - HA!

In a time where the terms Political Correctness has been abused and taken to crazy extremes. Here is some light relief in the form of Advertising (American) from the 40's and 50's - oh how times have a changed - gotta love the artwork!!!

Last Long Distance

So there is a race on this Sunday? Finally it has come to our doorstep and not without hiccups along the way. BUT it is here. It is happening and I hope everyone who takes part enjoys the day. Whether you are calling it a training day, a social race or a race RACE...whatever, just have fun.
For me...I am about as ready for Sunday as I am to swim the English Channel. I have been training and at a guess maybe lost 5, max 10% of my hours while in Singapore. So that's not the problem. I think the problem as Julie stated in a text message from her sick bed yesterday (hope you feel better) after my revelation of a terrible BRICK WALL week of fatigue is that I may need a little rest. "You have been doing this for a long time now with NO rest she texts!!"
So I think a bit (not too much) cos it hurts to think too much these days and there is way to many other things to remember than how much training I have done. But being the 1st October yesterday was actually pretty significant. It was precisely one year since I started training FULL ON. SO okay last October it was under Ironguides, but we all know the 'method' is pretty much the same and since April this year I have been fortunate enough (although many may disagree!!) to have guidance under Brett Sutton.
So that is 365days of training, not sure how many days off...at a guess not a lot.
I was ready for Philippines, totally up for the race. This Sunday however I feel far from primed. Most days this week people have commented how S*** I look in regards to my tiredness I hope and not my cute looks!! So I am just going to rock up and hopefully have some fun.
My last half Iron of the year. This is my 4th. The idea at the beginning of the year was to use these races to get quicker. I think it is working. I still feel healthy and very fit. I guess you can't peak for everything you do and as such am struggling with feeling rather pooped at the moment.
I then have 3-4races left before I crank up to FULL Ironman training...hmmmn that IS going to be interesting. At least I know I CAN do a 4hour turbo session now...so no stalling on the 3hours sessions!!
See you at the RACE :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Charlies B's

It was Raya whilst I was in Singapore. So that meant less holiday. BUT at least we got a holiday...was touch and go there for a while ;) On the Monday after a morning indoor spin the 3 B's aka Bliss, Bean and Bishop set off for an open water swim at Sentosa with our very own Charlie aka Joel.
It wasn't too busy by the time we arrived and Bean checked out a route. 'Have you swam round the island before Bliss?'
'No, er usually I just swim in the designated area' says Bliss.
'Hmmmn, I think that's what I am going to do, who's up for that,' says Bean.
I was not trying to deter from the master plan BUT I did have previous experience of getting into trouble in Sentosa.
'Ermm, guys. Last time I was here I attempted to swim off and explore, only to be hauled back by a guy in a kayak!!! Not sure we will get away with it but what the heck, lets go.'
So Bean sped off, Bliss in pursuit, Joel in their draft and Bishop picking up the rear as usual. We got around the island and on the way back into shore I saw Joel had stopped short of the beach. Bean and Bliss had been found out and the 'Beach Patrol' were reading the riot act. Never have I been so glad to be a slow swimmer and escape trouble - you see there is method in my swim madness after all.
They didn't lock us up and throw away the key so after changing we went for lunch and then went to have a ride on the luge. HUGE fun, almost crashed cos I could not stop laughing, so a little dangerous perhaps?? But we are Charlies Angles and as such DANGER is our middle name.
Stopped for some Kodak moments on the way up to the luge whereby I think (judging by the grimace) I underestimated my body weight and bust Joel's back. Sorry about that, just send me your chiropractors bill!!