Friday, October 16, 2009

'O'h 'D'ear training

So I dropped a wee little mail to coach this am before dunking myself in the pool. Mentioned that I was getting back up to speed, was patient last week easing back into the groove and also threw out there that I have three races left this year, one which I want to do REALLY well in and target. I also mentioned that IMMY is now bobbing around in my subconsciousness. I am starting to think about the day. I am NOT, I said, I am not, getting obsessed about it this time though - you will be pleased to know...I said! Hmmmmn...
After my swim, checked mail....I am used to the short replies and believe I know that thinking too far ahead does not go down well...rather it serves for a gruff telling off.
I have been training at 1/2 iron distance (read: 20hour weeks) since May. So I figured carry on with this until after Phuket. THATS what I thought. I am pretty pooped today, I feel great after training but the endorphin highs are getting shorter and shorter, the desire to close ones eyes whilst driving, standing waiting for a lift, sitting having a cup of coffee or dare I say it...ahem, working is getting stronger and harder to resist. So you could say I was rather elated on hearing the response of:
Its oct
You need to work on other stuff harder if you worrying on that
Just day by day .
Is the key
I would drop back to
Olympic for the rest of this month
Then up to 1/2 for november

SO I am now officially on HOLIDAY. I am going to have extra energy, be killing my swim sets and spending a little less time running and biking. Lovely Jubley. And it couldn't have come at a better time too because I am off again to Singapore next weekend...Mmmm wonder if they have any more of them marshmallows???
Then again 5less hours per week means I better curtail the eating habits!! OH SHIT, there is ALWAYS a downside...bugger!


yipwt said...

that's still a lot of training time...:)

Joel Muñoz said...

Took me a second look to notice the 'O' in this blog's title! HAHAHAHA! Shorter but more intense workouts don't necessarily mean it's a holiday, Emma!