Friday, October 2, 2009

Last Long Distance

So there is a race on this Sunday? Finally it has come to our doorstep and not without hiccups along the way. BUT it is here. It is happening and I hope everyone who takes part enjoys the day. Whether you are calling it a training day, a social race or a race RACE...whatever, just have fun.
For me...I am about as ready for Sunday as I am to swim the English Channel. I have been training and at a guess maybe lost 5, max 10% of my hours while in Singapore. So that's not the problem. I think the problem as Julie stated in a text message from her sick bed yesterday (hope you feel better) after my revelation of a terrible BRICK WALL week of fatigue is that I may need a little rest. "You have been doing this for a long time now with NO rest she texts!!"
So I think a bit (not too much) cos it hurts to think too much these days and there is way to many other things to remember than how much training I have done. But being the 1st October yesterday was actually pretty significant. It was precisely one year since I started training FULL ON. SO okay last October it was under Ironguides, but we all know the 'method' is pretty much the same and since April this year I have been fortunate enough (although many may disagree!!) to have guidance under Brett Sutton.
So that is 365days of training, not sure how many days a guess not a lot.
I was ready for Philippines, totally up for the race. This Sunday however I feel far from primed. Most days this week people have commented how S*** I look in regards to my tiredness I hope and not my cute looks!! So I am just going to rock up and hopefully have some fun.
My last half Iron of the year. This is my 4th. The idea at the beginning of the year was to use these races to get quicker. I think it is working. I still feel healthy and very fit. I guess you can't peak for everything you do and as such am struggling with feeling rather pooped at the moment.
I then have 3-4races left before I crank up to FULL Ironman training...hmmmn that IS going to be interesting. At least I know I CAN do a 4hour turbo session no stalling on the 3hours sessions!!
See you at the RACE :)

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Ngae said...

Hi dearie: Havent got time to congrats u for all your performance. So coincidental. Since my lay off from road biking until surgeon cleared me 3 weeks ago, i had been really really busy in my work all these months. But will do the Putrajaya Half tmr. God willing I can complete without problem. Be seeing u.