Thursday, October 1, 2009

Charlies B's

It was Raya whilst I was in Singapore. So that meant less holiday. BUT at least we got a holiday...was touch and go there for a while ;) On the Monday after a morning indoor spin the 3 B's aka Bliss, Bean and Bishop set off for an open water swim at Sentosa with our very own Charlie aka Joel.
It wasn't too busy by the time we arrived and Bean checked out a route. 'Have you swam round the island before Bliss?'
'No, er usually I just swim in the designated area' says Bliss.
'Hmmmn, I think that's what I am going to do, who's up for that,' says Bean.
I was not trying to deter from the master plan BUT I did have previous experience of getting into trouble in Sentosa.
'Ermm, guys. Last time I was here I attempted to swim off and explore, only to be hauled back by a guy in a kayak!!! Not sure we will get away with it but what the heck, lets go.'
So Bean sped off, Bliss in pursuit, Joel in their draft and Bishop picking up the rear as usual. We got around the island and on the way back into shore I saw Joel had stopped short of the beach. Bean and Bliss had been found out and the 'Beach Patrol' were reading the riot act. Never have I been so glad to be a slow swimmer and escape trouble - you see there is method in my swim madness after all.
They didn't lock us up and throw away the key so after changing we went for lunch and then went to have a ride on the luge. HUGE fun, almost crashed cos I could not stop laughing, so a little dangerous perhaps?? But we are Charlies Angles and as such DANGER is our middle name.
Stopped for some Kodak moments on the way up to the luge whereby I think (judging by the grimace) I underestimated my body weight and bust Joel's back. Sorry about that, just send me your chiropractors bill!!

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