Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Inspirations

It has been an inspiring weekend for me. And it had nothing to do with the IM World Champs going on in Kona, Hawaii. No, the inspirations this weekend were much closer to home. As I was sitting on the turbo this evening...yawning my head off not really wanting to be there I started thinking of these people. I had a great weekend, hectic and tiring but inspirational with some small personal achievements along the way.
It started on Saturday during my ride. The ride was kind of doomed from the outset but I got it done thanks to my Good Samaritan (another story). The route was up to Perez and back that Gadget Girl informed me was circa 126k from TBB. Since Perez doesn’t allow me to yet maintain a 30k avg going up (haha) I figured I may be notching over my 4hour time allowance. Not to worry though, I had not ridden Perez since January and was looking forward to see how much I could knock off the personal best.
The ride was my small achievement this weekend. I got a PB up the hill by almost 2minutes and also managed to finish my ride in 3:48min. Taking just 1hr:48min from the top of Perez back to TBB. But that achievement is small in comparison with what else was going on around me.
Saturday Morning Inspiration #1
On my way out to Ulu Langat there were the usual masses of riders pedalling the popular scenic route. One rider however stood out. Riding a MTB, as I passed I noticed he was an amputee (I don’t know his name so let’s call him Bill. Am sure you will correct me) just below his knee. I smiled, nodded and then smiled to myself after I had passed. This is what I LOVE. People just going out there, no complaints and not letting anything stop them. But that wasn’t the end of Bill. Oh no. After I had completed Perez and was whizzing back down, there was Bill riding up!! Amazing stuff.
Saturday Afternoon Inspiration #2
Did my usual pacing swim and then laced up for my pyramid brick. It is short. But it is painful if you give it your best. My house guest came along to and pledged to try and keep up. Humph, I thought. Am going to try and drop you!!! Couldn’t do it, he stuck right behind all the way. Awesome job Joel. I know it wasn’t easy and to make your victory sweeter that was the furthest I have covered in the time allowed EVER. Sometimes good to have someone on your shoulder! He does nowhere near the training I do but still gritted through it.
Sunday Morning Inspiration #3
Usual Sunday morning run. Departing the car park a little later than usual, as we are running up past the KTM station I see someone who looks like Sofian. But this guy is moving pretty quick. Can’t be Sofian, can it? I run and catch up and it IS him. I ask him what the hell he had for his dinner the previous evening because he was looking so damn strong. And let’s not forget post 70.3 last week I saw him walking/hobbling around. Amazing recovery and also I read this was a Sunday of PB’s for you too, great job!!
Sunday Morning Run Inspiration #4
So on the way back from Sri Hartamas I was running with my house guest and asked him if he would like to take a different route (via double hill on the return). He asked if it was longer. Nope I said, harder but not really longer. It is nice and scenic I say though and called the double hill. Let’s follow the others he says. And so on that note I turn right up to double hill and he has to follow!
Joel has not run 21k on the flats let alone on hills since IM 70.3 Philippines. No complaints he had an awesome run and just pulled it out the bag. Amazing job and yes so you are a little sore today...that is to be expected I would be extremely pissed if you were not!
Sunday Morning Inspiration #’s 5 & 6
As we started the first of the 2 main hills I saw Kharis and Mai Senn walking up. Two people who stick at it and have awesome inner strength and are wonderful to speak with I stopped, let Joel enjoy a breakaway and chatted with them. I hardly ever see these guys on my runs and if I had not on a whim turned into the double hills would not have had the pleasure of seeing them this Sunday. Kharis did his first tri at PD this year (read about his story in the new TBB newsletter). And Mai Senn is a tower of strength and one gutsy chick. Badly cut her foot in Langkawi she finished the Ironman. And once again the other week completes Putrajaya through pain and grimaces from another injury. They were having another tough day training on Sunday morning but that didn’t stop them beaming with smiles.
Sunday mornings hurt me. Physically they hurt, I cough and splutter and never find ANY of it EASY. BUT I love Sunday mornings. I get such a high sharing the same roads with so many likeminded people I am proud to call my friends.
Thank YOU for being my inspirations guys.

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