Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drowning...in a sea of paperwork

I have a few free mini's. Well actually I have none, but sod it. I despise. No. I detest paperwork. Me and paperwork, numbers, accounts, invoices you name we do not get along. BUT, you gotta do what ya gotta do to pay the bills.

I am in my last month of juggling two jobs. I will still have to do job #1 that will be moved to job#2 status as of November for a couple hours a week (need to pay car installments see?).

I am also preparing for a weekend of meetings in TBB Singapore - this is somewhat stressful but work I ENJOY...so the stress factor never really gets to me.
But when I received a message from the accountant of job #1 soon to be #2 that he requires all the paperwork for year end I gulped. I try to keep things in order, but I am not just putting together a year of files for one company. OH NO NO NO, that would be too easy. And it is not two companies either as that would just be plain lazy. NO EMMA has to collect and gather crap she doesn't understand for 3 companies!!!! Woop-de-frigging-woop!
Bahhhhh HUMBUG :(

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