Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My poor feet :(

I am now proud owner of the New Avia Bolts. The new design has a little extra cushion in the heel - perfect for my heel to toe strike. A little heavier than the original Bolt it is not deadly flat, the pay off is a tiny little extra bit of weight for the additional comfort. Colours...cannot complain how cool are they...not in store...YET..coming soon!
So to my poor feet. Saturday night I donned a pair of heels for perhaps the first time in a year. (My job does not require the wearing of 4inch heels to work believe it or not!) Boss said to me "no slippers, no shorts". So aiming to please I wore heels. They came off as soon as I stepped foot in the club and NEVER went back on. They USED to be okay to walk in but I guess my poor little feet have become rather sensitive to small shoes as opposed to comfy slippers or Avia shoes :)
The next day I went for a run along East Coast park in my new Bolts. LOVED them, I was in some discomfort from the night before but they feel good and I think we are going to get along real well.
However the blisters had already formed and I have a particularly nasty one on my joint. It burst and is red raw. I had to do an interval session on the treadmill this morning. A HARD lung busting effort. It hurt to walk in my Avi-Lite II's despite having taped my feet up. I thought about not doing the session. And then I slapped myself silly. WTF...it's just a blister...whats a little pain right?? So I ran and all was good, uncomfortable but good.
Am I going to be wearing my heels anytime soon?? Not on your NELLY! Sorry I shall remain short.

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