Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kona Blues

Forgive me if I am not too excited about the Ironman World Championships this Saturday. It is still and remains my goal and one I feel that is mine for the taking at one of 4 races I have earmarked to qualify in next year.
No, the reason I am not really doing cartwheels is because as you may have heard Wong, my work mate and friend has been denied his US Visa! His wife and child were approved yet he was not! I had a chat with him earlier and he seems in pretty good spirits despite what must be a bitter bitter disappointment. If it were me - there would be heads rolling - literally!
So hopefully the Visa will come through and while it is too late for this year...he has already moved focus to qualifying again next year in Langkawi. We have made a pact that next year we will go together :)
As for the rest of the year, he does not want to put his hard training to waste and as such has decided to race Bussleton, WA. It seems however accommodation is rather booked up. If anyone knows of available accommodation please drop me a comment or contact Wong.


K3vski said...

Gee, that's a REAL bummer on Wong to miss out on Kona, with paid accommodation and flights too!

I have an account on the Triwa forum. If you could let me know the details (i.e. how many people and which nights), I'll post it up on the forum and see if there is any available.

In the meantime, do the others from Malaysia doing IMWA have spare space?

Emma said...

Hey there, So far as I know, wong has checked with the other guys here who are going and there is no spare space...will give you the details later when I see Wong. Thanks!

Emma said...

Hey Kev,

Wong will be checking in on Dec 2nd and checking out Dec 6th.
Total 4 nights
2 Adults plus 1 baby