Friday, April 9, 2010


So I get to the US embassy at 7:40am on Thursday. Go through and submit my forms. The, ahem 'lady' behind the counter says we don't accept these forms now you gotta do it on-line! I explained I knew this but when I submitted, YOUR system was down. So I called and emailed and was told to do it this way.
She goes off, comes back and says:
'Yes, that's right but we are still not going to accept it,' go away and do another form!' - not even a SORRY came out her pursed up mouth!
Well, Emma was seething, in my mind I visualised leaning across the counter and taking her puny white scrawny AMERICAN neck and strangling her. But since I had to be on my best behaviour. I nodded, smiled and left to make another form.
I chose an early appointment so I could miss the traffic and get back to work. I was number 11 when I submitted the first time. I then had to sign out get all my bags, laptop and bombs that I had tried to smuggle in and walk to the MCA building to do another bloody form.
Got back to the embassy at 9:20am. Handed over my bag and bombs and went inside. I was now #85 and the place was heaving. Why do so many people want to go to the States? It's expensive!!!
My number after 40minutes was called up. A different lady - lucky for her (or is that me) !!!
I handed over the form, all in order now and went and sat down to wait.
Finally, I am called up for round 2 the finger print scan and then back to my seat to wait.
And wait AND wait AND wait. This was the longest wait and I started getting worried. I realised the passport I gave did not have my Malaysian visa in it - they probably think I am an illegal here - the mind works exceptionally well overtime when one has had trouble with the likes of immigration before!
FINALLY, at 11:45 my number is up. This time it is the 'interview'
A delightful lady behind the counter, asked a few questions and noted I only needed a waiver not a visa. I explained that I had been denied and deported before many years ago and briefly explained what had happened.
She said that it was not here on record. I said it was under a different name. Ah she said.
Well then I learnt that even though British passports don't need a visa we still have to apply on-line for the waiver and from there (being the honest person I am) I would have been directed to apply for a visa because of the past.
SO. I was told I was a very good girl for being honest!!!
And no problem there you go have a visa. For what reason are you going she asked. I explained. She said cool. I said YUP. So they are not all ****holes I guess I can put the first ones unpleasant attitude down to hormones??!!!


sofiantriathlete said...

wooo hooooo
yeah baby

plee said...

Very Nice!

heckler said...

now you can do Kona every year up to year 2019 :)

Lawrence said...

Next stop, Kona!!!! Good for you Emma.