Friday, June 12, 2009

Xterra PIX

Apologies for the delay. But since I am on a roll with blogging today and hiding from the sun here are some pictures from Xterra race day of my buddies in action. Sorry I couldn't catch all you guys...but it was cool being able to hang in transition area especially seeing you all come in off the bike - SO DIRTY!!
Apologies again as they are not great snaps...that's why I gave up photography and became a triathlete :) ENJOY.


sofiantriathlete said...

we got the haze in KL.
Lucky you Emma

Anonymous said...

aiya..atleast got race action pics will do already.

want to see more action pics..difficult to find.

Don't worry..if got chance and time..I share with u foto tips..instant 5 mins..u can snap like me and any others cameraman.

Just need dslr with atleast one 200mm or 300mm lens..offcourse must have one kit lens lah..28mm for potrait n group foto.

Then..u will enjoy one.. !

Believe me..hehe cause DSLR nowday is digital need like last time SLR.