Sunday, June 21, 2009

IM Japan

The first Sunday this month I have had to relax after my run and do sod all. Perfect IM Japan was/still is ongoing. IM Japan is a race I set myself after missing out on the slot in Langkawi. But after some sensible thinking it was going to be an expensive risk going to GOTO for a slot with still so little experience in the sport. Hence the reason I am now just doing half's until next year.
Still...I am always curious to see how I may have fared. With the H1N1 virus circulating, the carbo party and awards party tomorrow night have been cancelled. That's a real shame and I hope it has not put too much of a dampener on the race weekend (I am sure the beer is still free flowing somewhere!!)
Despite being a wetsuit swim (must do one of these) the water was warm from a few days of blue skies and sunny weather (unusual for this time of year, so I am told). Hilary Biscay for teamTBB (eventual 5th place) was the leading female on and off the bike onto the run but was quickly caught by Nicole Klingler of Lichtenstein who came through to win in 9:50:52. While the weather stayed cool the bike course I gather is pretty hilly (hmmmn, perhaps a wise choice I didn't make the trip then?).

For the men, Cameron Watt of teamTBB had an awesome start and was in the lead pack and 2nd place on the run behind eventual winner and defending champion Luke Mckenzie (8:28:31). Cameron struggled on the run and came in 7th.
While the pro's are now relaxing and refueling, spare a thought for those still out there battling away for their own personal glory, dreams and goals and becoming an IRONMAN.

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