Sunday, June 21, 2009

Runs in the Family

At 37years of age (I think), my big brother did his first MTB race yesterday. A solent challenge that covered some 100 plus k's over road, trail and sea (the sea bit was aided by boats). Total ride time 5hours - ish. Total time on the land and sea - 8hours - ish. He came 2nd. Blindingly awesome job. Very proud of you David.
For those of you that don't know. David is the real daredevil in the family. Racing BMX and braking numerous bones in his body from a young age he finally moved up to a big boys bike a few years ago. Living in the New Forest he has the most gorgeous MTB trails smack bang on his doorstep. And I have been egging him on to race because I KNOW he is REALLY GOOD at this biking lark. Stubborn, persistent, loves pain - we are as brother and sister very much alike - it runs in the family!
And so yesterday he came 2nd out of 300 participants. And the winner apparently avoided the trails!!
So now I am dangling the Xterra carrot in front of his nose. "But I don't swim" he says. But there are little things called duathlons I this space....
Well done again BRUV and I am very peeved that you feel so good today. Obviously you did not try hard enough!!!
E. x

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plee said...

Cool! Well done, Dave!! Congratlations