Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gotta LOVE Saturdays

For the past 3 weekends I have missed normal training. First week in June I moved house so the ride was bumped to Sunday. Following weekend Xterra - Great FUN. Last weekend Phuket - Great FUN also. But I have missed my routine, so...
I wanted to do a solid hard ride this morning so long as my body would let me. KLIA downtown was the destination and as it turned out I rode solo. Wasn't bothered I had it all dialed in and was quite happy to skip the social for once and just go it alone.
I have done the ride once before and clocked 3:59 for 126k - that was 3 weeks ago. The sort of course that suits me (read: fast rolling stuff), I was keen to see how much I could go under 4hours.
Out in 1:53 back in 1:50 for a total time of 3:43 - pretty stoked with that. I had a quick turn around stopping for a kopi tarik at the mamak stall (not quite sure what the guys there thought of this white sweaty Chick rolling up on her own in the middle of KLIA Downtown!!.)
I put the improvements all down to the turbo training it's the only explanation I can think of. Mentally numbing, physically demanding if you can get past that once out on the road you reap the rewards! The time needs to come down some more if I am to achieve my goals but based on today's effort and a very tiring week I am feeling upbeat about it.
Home before 10am, some brekkie, rest and out for coffee then back for some laptop time before the afternoon session starts. A pacing 1.5k swim followed by brick interval run. I LOVE IT.
Not sure if there is something wrong with me but I just love putting my body through the pain. Believe me if I didn't enjoy the training I would NOT be doing this (well not as much of it!).
Gotta love Saturdays!!

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