Monday, June 8, 2009

A Fine Balance

What a weekend! This was my first time being on the other side of the fence (read: not taking part in a race). I didn't miss it at all. I think that is because there was no TT bikes involved! Hard work is an understatement (I take my hat off to all those people that work events week in week out), and I learnt first hand that managing training and work is a very fine balance. Sometimes it is going to be very difficult to execute all the time and other times I am going to have to put myself through some VERY long days in order to fit everything in.
My problem is if I miss training I am not happy. Training is my drug of gives me the endorphins to keep on going and be able to give 100% effort at work. If I miss a session I don't feel guilty because I ate too much the day before/think I might get fat/lose fitness etc. it has got to the stage where I train because I love to do it - NO MATTER WHAT. I love the pain, the challenge of balancing work and life and I love the rewards of feeling healthy and strong. And so as a weekend of Xterra mayhem loomed I was excited about working rather than participating...I was also planning how to get through the weekend with some training under my belt!

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