Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Volunteers Please

If you have some free time this Dec 19th and 20th, help support a GREAT cause and volunteer your services for the year end TriKidz clinic and triathlon. It's nothing don't need to be an athlete or triathlete even! We just need some help from adult supervision to help guide and encourage and ensure the kids are safe when in the water, on the bike and run!!
Saturday 19th: Volunteers required for the Kidz Clinic
Sunday 20th: Volunteers required for Kids Age Group Races
Location: Putrajaya Swimming Pool Complex
Time: 7:30am - 1pm (both days)

'This is a 2-day event, the first day (Saturday) will be our Triathlon Clinic whereby our triathlon coaches will be teaching the kids everything they need to know about triathlon especially the proper techniques, training, nutrition and race tactics. Then on the second day (Sunday) will be the TriKidz Triathlon Race where everything that was taught on Saturday will be applied in a real triathlon race. By the end of this weekend your child will have the right to brag about being a TRIATHLETE, which is no easy task,' - TriKidz.
So what are you waiting's gonna be a fun weekend, contact us and help support the next generations of triathletes!!!
Any time you can offer will be most appreciated. If you would like to volunteer please leave a comment or contact Me (Emma, directly).

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