Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Madness & TriKidz Weekend

Thanks Nik for these snaps...I will post some more FUN ones of the day as they come though.
Getting ready to go on holiday to me means having to do even more work so that when you are away you can at least 'leave' the work alone. So the work doesn't get less. You just choose to minimise the mountain on your return by getting a head start before you go.
So with work being at a rather all-time high and then getting ready for TriKidz and then again fitting training in, the last week and weekend was complete madness. It was an act of juggling more than the two balls I can comfortably handle and so there were a couple of instances when I dropped the extra ball.
In the pursuit of fitting it all in with regards to training I dealt with emotional tears, frustration, fatigue, drunk drivers, dead arms, sore everything etc. TriKidz however was a much needed ray of sunshine amidst a dark lonely week. Despite how low and energy zapped I get, somehow I am able to raise my game and smile when surrounded by is like having a constant source of energy gels when with passionate triathlon people.
This was the first time I have been a part of TriKidz, as a sponsor from TBB and as a 'Coach'.
They (I bet it was Steph) elected to put me in the pool for the clinic on Saturday. HA! But laughter aside - it was HUGE fun...I am not sure the adults are supposed to have that much fun...isn't supposed to be about the kids??
Anyway..I didn't witness any real tears or tantrums. The kids in the pool all left the pool still breathing and even had beaming smiles on their faces.
It is a wonderful thing TriKidz (Steph, Azwar and Masjita) are doing and with huge support from other volunteers and help. Glad I didn't miss this one. And despite doing my Sunday run at 11:15am after the race yesterday - (I ran the 70.3 Putrajaya loop) I had all intentions of doing my swim later on. It's kind of difficult to execute though when your eyes will not open and body says ENOUGH already...let me REST.
I listened yesterday afternoon...I rested...I ate like a PIG and I started again today with a 5k swim. Two more days of mayhem before I board that plane for some FUN in the sun.
Wetsuit purchased today, you have been warned...there will be silly pictures :)

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