Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Race Report: Miri

Finally, a little late. Okay, lets see if I can this short-ish.
Going into Miri my confidence was pretty low. I had a really bad day Wednesday, the body was not great and I was struggling to give half decent efforts on whatever discipline I tried. I then started asking lots of questions of myself. I knew it was normal...but have not been hit by such a downer in a while and I ended up getting emotional, angry with myself and basically just shut down from the world.
Thursday I did a swim and spin...more of the same. Never mind, my attitude was slightly better and I still had to run that night. By the time the evening rolled round I got in a short run but absolutely FLEW. Where the hell did that come from. Finished the day with a BIG smile on my face.
Friday off to Miri. Nasty early start. But good to get there early. I did nothing Friday, that was my plan. Even though it is a training race I am not THAT stupid and am sensible enough to know a little preparation is required. Spent the day working on a presentation for Laguna Phuket Triathlon Expo and built George.
Saturday...Swim/Bike/Run...all touch up stuff. Brake cable of George was buggered but was able to salvage it with Wong's help. It only had to last 40k's I thought (crossing my fingers). Actually there where quite a few problems with George. And not to long ago I would have been freaking out big time. Minor race or biggie - I would be going mental. What a difference a year or so makes. I am almost a nice person to be around prior to races these days.
Made a pact with Disco to draft him in the swim. You let me do that and you can sit on my tail (actually no, I said work together) on the bike.
Race DAY:
After a superb nights sleep on Friday I sadly didn't sleep as peacefully on Saturday evening. Alarm went at 05:40 and Bee and myself rallied ourselves and went down to breakfast. Now how that girl can eat so much prior to a race is beyond me. I had banana, muesli with spoon of yogurt. No milo, no condensed milk. Just my own brand of coffee. (trying to give up the condensed milk).
I didn't carbo load much the night before either. I look at the race and the amount of time I am going to be exercising (or estimate) and that tells me what I should and shouldn't (more accuratly) eat.
Swim: Still feeling or trying to stay calm. I have NEVER tried to draft in the swim before. Dave waited for me and the gun went off and so did Disco. I tried to keep up but just couldn't weave through the flailing arms and legs. I was however CALM. Very surprising. A little into the swim I saw someone I thought was Keat Soong. On seeing a tatoo as an arm came over confirmed this. RIGHT O, lets swim with him. And so we both exchanged places and swam together to the end. On exiting the water I felt a hand push my back (carpets were rather dangerously floating about) I turned to see KS helping me out. Thanks for that. time 29min - not great but at least I didn't panic.
Transition: Disco in front running to transition, KS behind me. RightO guys I yelled...together on the bike!
Bike: Disco and KS were out a little before, I came soon after caught up with Disco and said we stick together. Caught KS. "Hop on lets work together" I yelled. And then it was head down, BIG gear and OFF. No looking back.
My bike legs have been letting me down lately. Today they were on fire. Lactic fire...but nothing I couldn't handle. Breathing was under control. And so we started picking up other riders...occasionally I would put my head down to check Disco was still there. Yup sucking like a trooper :) All going to plan. At about 20mins in, a sizable peloton was building I pondered whether to come off the front. The idea was to share the workload so I beckoned a rider past. Expecting Disco to come up and take the front how surprised was I to see a different expat. Oh well I got behind him not wanting to loose my space at the front and the pace continued. A minute or so later he pulled out, I came alongside and looked at him questionably. "Is that it?" I asked. "YUP" was his reply. And so the ride continued picking up Don Khor, Jap Sam amongst others. I never knew the size of the group. And occasionally the lactic legs had a rest for a min or two when the other guy jumped on the front. Other than that it was MY BIKE and I was loving it.

The final hill is where I knew I would be taken. I dropped the gear and prepared to take the hill 'easy' to rest my legs a little. And then WHOOSH!!! every man and his dog went flying past. No clue how many. But I did have enough energy and breath to yell out "Come on guys, gimme a B******d's!!! You F******!!! Funny though...not even that slowed them down. Never mind I caught them up again :P Time:57min.
Into transition and out onto the run with Disco, KS and basically every other bugger!!
As we went out I had another swear at Dave and joked with him about why he didn't share the work on the bike. His response? "I thought about it, and then thought...Nahhh"!!!
I knew I was in 2nd overall. 1st place, Radika an ITU pro and Powerman champ was long gone. So I wanted to continue to really enjoy the race and not kill the run. Dave similarly was happy to run with me so we ran together and chatted just like any other Sunday...except it was a bit warmer and MUCH MORE FUN!
Coming into the finish with about 200m to go I looked at my watch for the first time. Expecting to see around 2hr15 how shocked was I to see 2:05. I also heard a heavy patter of feet behind me. I had dropped Disco (only a very little) a while back. I always knew he was behind me or thereabouts and now he was trying to give chase!!! RIGHT! I turned around and shouted don't you even think about it. I couldn't stop laughing but somehow managed to put a spurt on and with a HUGE smile I am pleased to say, crossed the line in 2:06 and change. Last year 2:24.
I then rushed upstairs put my socks on and went back down to run the course again back to front with Disco. Did not realise quite at the time how smashed he was. (he did run Penang Marathon the week before). But like a trooper we ran again...confusing the Marshall's along the way and yelling out support to everyone we saw.
It was great, loved it. Thanks everyone for such a cool time. Miri is a super little triathlon that is a great excuse to get away for the weekend with friends and enjoy this wonderful lifestyle that we call triathlon. If you haven't experienced Miri before then mark your calender for November next year...I for one will be going back.


yipwt said...

nice...looks like you did the most job in pulling the peloton.

Ngae said...

Well dear: again i cant make it there this year. well done to year. real pro now :)