Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Beyond Transition

Beyond Transition (formerly Go-triathlete) is a new website (Launch Date Jan 2011) that aims to give a unique service to triathletes around the world. A place where you can visit and find out about global races on one site rather than hop-scotching across various dead-ends.

BT will serve to answer all your race needs, from the simple stuff as how much, where and when, to what is the goodie bag like, what's the bike course? Where can I stay, where's the best place to eat, carbo loading, awards, race nutrition, the list goes on and on and on.

Why are they doing this? Becasue there isn't anything like it out there. It's a monumental mountain to scale and data capturing of all these races is a headache waiting to explode! So BT are taking baby steps and it will be a while before we are up and running at full speed so please be patient :)

Whilst all the data capturing is going on the BT blog will be live and ready for you to check out within the next week. The blog will keep you updated of what's going on, how is progressing as well as giving some awesome contents to read over your morning coffee.

Motivation should not be a problem when you drop by, BT aims to inspire and turn the "I cant's" into "I can's". BT has some super stuff to unleash on the world but they are trying to apply the 'pacing' theory for the moment :)

Next year BT will be regularly on the ground at selected races around the world. So watch this space, or even simplier pop over to this space :

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