Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And Finally

So here I am sitting at the airport. Waiting for a 1am flight to Manila. Such is the life of traveling peasant class:) Finally I have time to write some thoughts down. Actually, finally I have time to collect my thoughts. The past 10days has been a blur and today was manic from the alarm. I like to keep busy, but sometimes you need to come up for air right?
So it is race week. Last year I was in great shape. The swim was problematic but the bike and run were strong and I was looking forward to racing the inaugural Cobra 70.3. It was fantastic, a great time. And I told myself I will not miss out this year.
But as the time has crept closer I know I am not health and fitness wise where I was. 5 weeks into some solid training, I have not yet had the needed 'day off'. But it is looming, it is looming this week. YIKES!
Bad timing yes, I feel in need of a rest, to recoup and regather and instead I am off to race.
Oh ok so I tell myself just go for training and hope it will be a solid day. But I still want to win. It's in my nature. So long as I can give a good effort I will be happy. I will smile, I promise :)
Last year post race I really, I mean REALLY let my hair down. Well this year I am thinking more about October 9th rather than August 22nd and I fully intend to ride my bike on Monday morning before it gets driven back to Manilla. I also intend to have an easy swim. Then on Tuesday another swim and a run.
This is what I intend to do. There may be pictures published that prove Emma was unable to carry out the above. I hope not. I am trying to have my focus head on but I will not lie, it has been hard.
What do I want out of the race? Camsur and Kona? To be fit enough to race well and enjoy the moment.
More soon, I hope.


sofiantriathlete said...

All the best

plee said...

Good luck!remember to have fun doing it!