Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty Bad Blogging

I have plenty of excuses as to why I have not blogged for nearly 2 weeks. But I am not going to go into details, but teamTBB do have a new World Champion in the form of Caroline Steffen aka Xena who won the ITU Long Course World Championship last week - same race Simon did.

This week I retreated from the world, did my training (am very pleased to report I am getting stronger day by day and the endurance is coming back). And then I did my work. And some more work. And then a little melt down. And then a BIG melt down. And then some more work.

That pretty much sums up the week. I am as anal about work as I am about my training but I must learn when good enough is GOOD ENOUGH. When you have 101 things on a 'to-do' list, note to self : do it, don't fanny around and move on!

So I am now entering my 3rd weekend of phase two training. Two weeks ago I was all snuffled up and moving slowly very slowly. I am still not quick but the thing to notice and remember is that as the endurance comes back and you get fitter you can complete the sessions with a good effort but then not be totally on the floor trying to recover for the rest of the day :)

I have a new seat on George - story and pictures to come about that episode. I also have a new sticker on George - rather RUDE, pictures to come on that too. I also have another pair of NEW Avia waiting for me to start walking quicker than I have of late - the old ones melted on the last track session.

Jen's reminded me last night, well not reminded me I just heard him utter the words - 9weeks. Susshhh! I said. Plenty of time, actually this may well be one race I will be able to peak at the right time for. The Philippines on the other hand...erm, we are just gonna have some fun over there. Gawd knows I need it!

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