Sunday, June 6, 2010

Didn't Lose My Bottle

I have lost count of how many bottles I have lost from my rear cage. Broken countless aluminum cages, I know titanium is better but not easily available. So I switched to a carbon one that has a pretty good fit. It doesn't break but I think I have lost 3bottles from going over a bump and they just 'popped' out. On most instances when this has happened I have had to let it go as stopping would have been too dangerous.
I am not fussed about losing bottles, but I am fussed about losing liquid that I need to complete my rides. Also since I ride 95% of the time in aero, reaching behind me for the bottle I have found not to be an easy thing. Thats fine in training but when riding a long distance in a race, reaching behind and doing unnecessary movement is not something I want to risk. Hmm, maybe my arms are too short? So when racing I always forget about the rear cage, pop the aero bottle on the front and use one on the down-tube. This allows me to stay aero and drink without too much movement.
But the aero bottle is noisy. It splashes. Any little bump and you think that its going to fall. Hence the reason I do not use it for training - too annoying. So I tried something new yesterday on my ride. My wet ride, I hasten to add. So the liquid really wasn't  required much. I have seen a lot of the pro's experimenting with this idea and they swear by it preferring it's convenience over the aero bottle. It is an aero bar bottle holder fashioned by using a regular cage tied to the bars using lots of cable ties. After some adjusting I had a pretty good secure fit on Friday and was all set for my Saturday ride.
It works! I didn't lose the bottle, despite the road out to Ulu Yam being very VERY bumpy in places. Now with a little extra modifying you could probably fix a straw from the bottle - a la aero bottle style. But in races - the main attraction here, especially in a long race - is I can throw this bottle and slot in the new one. Saves filling up my aero bottle and while I cannot sip while I ride the bottle is still there in my face telling me to drink!
First real test will be the Philippines I guess, but until then it will get some solid  Malaysian road testing  :)

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